Jenna Fischer Reveals Why Jim and Pam Scenes Could Take Hours to Debate

The Workplace followers waited years for Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) to get collectively. Their costars waited hours for them to movie their longing scenes each week. Now that it’s throughout, they’ll snigger about it.

Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski | Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Picture Financial institution/NBCUniversal by way of Getty Photographs

Brian Baumgartner reran Fischer’s episode of his Off the Beat podcast on March 7. Baumgartner known as her out on the Jim and Pam delays, however Fischer copped to them. 

The explanation ‘The Office’ would spend hours debating Jim and Pam scenes 

Jim and Pam have been The Workplace’s will they or received’t they relationship for a number of seasons. Finally, they did, acquired married and had youngsters. However, for the seasons by which The Workplace performed Jim and Pam obscure, they took further care, and that took time. 

“For example, shooting a scene over and over and over again where this time they can touch hands,” Fischer mentioned on Off the Beat. “But then we have to do one where they don’t touch hands because it might be too much if their hands touch. That might be going too far. Or, do we end it with a hug or should he kiss her cheek before? All these little ways, how much were they allowed to literally touch one another, look in each other’s eyes, swoon at each other. We would spend hours debating and shooting alternates of these Jim/Pam scenes. It is not an exaggeration.”

Brian Baumgartner confirms Jim and Pam price ‘The Office’ hours each week

Baumgartner performed Kevin, a Dunder Mifflin worker who was usually simply within the background for these scenes. Nonetheless, that meant he had to be within the background whereas they spent hours debating simply how shut Jim and Pam may get this week on The Workplace.

“Nothing, throughout the entire history of the show, brought production to a screeching halt like a big Jim/Pam moment,” Baumgartner mentioned. “And I say that with love and also with utter frustration.”

Maybe it acquired quicker in later seasons once they didn’t have to tease anymore. Neither Fischer nor Baumgartner commented on what occurred as soon as Jim and Pam acquired married. 

Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski supported one another 

Throughout these debates, Fischer mentioned she and Krasinski normally agreed. They have been in dialogue with The Workplace creator Greg Daniels and the present’s writers. 

“We really, really cared,” Fischer mentioned. “John and I would fight hard for what we believed and we were usually on the same page with Jim and Pam. We had a singular mind when it came to Jim and Pam for the most part. There was often one Jim/Pam moment per episode and it was either where they’re going to connect in some super special swooney way or they’re going to misstep in some way where one of them gets their feelings hurt. And there was this very fine line that we had to walk all the time.”

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