Ethan Hawke Changed His Mind About Working With Leonardo DiCaprio After ‘Titanic’ Success

Leonardo DiCaprio grew to become a megastar nearly in a single day after starring within the 1997 characteristic Titanic. However Ethan Hawke believed Titanic may need executed as a lot hurt because it did good for the actor’s profession. A lot in order that Hawke had a change of coronary heart when it got here to collaborating with the star.

Ethan Hawke as soon as puzzled what his life would’ve been like if he starred in ‘Titanic’

Ethan Hawke | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Earlier than DiCaprio seized the lead function in Titanic, there have been many different actors vying for the half. Gattaca star Ethan Hawke additionally as soon as auditioned to star reverse Kate Winslet within the record-breaking characteristic. However he thought of dropping the function a blessing after seeing what the film’s success did to DiCaprio. Hawke witnessed the dramatic change DiCaprio’s life skilled when the 2 have been ingesting on the identical bar.

“I sat there watching him and it was like watching a Beatle. The closest thing I’ve ever come to that frenzy. All the girls wanted to f*** him and all the guys wanted to fight him. I went to myself: ‘Wow man, I’m glad I didn’t get that part,’” Hawke as soon as informed The Telegraph.

Nonetheless, Hawke puzzled how completely different his profession may need been if he snagged the function.

“But you know, secretly, I couldn’t help thinking that if I had got it maybe I could have lived exactly the life I wanted to. That I would never have had to worry about my career,” Hawke stated.

Ethan Hawke modified his thoughts about working with Leonard DiCaprio after his ‘Titanic’ success

Hawke didn’t need to grow to be too massive of a film star within the movie trade. Though he realized a certain quantity of film stardom was typically wanted to amass the initiatives he wished.

Nonetheless, there was a restrict to how a lot fame Hawke wished to have. He believed being well-known like DiCaprio was after Titanic, as an illustration, may need been extra detrimental to an actor’s profession than some would assume.

“I think Leonardo is a great example of [a star who is too big,]” Hawke as soon as stated based on UPI. “I think he was definitely one of the most exciting actors of his generation and I think [his fame] has made it a lot harder on him … Titanic didn’t do him any favors. He’s a guy who used to be able to turn out two movies a year, and kind of do whatever he wanted.”

Hawke additionally felt it wasn’t a good suggestion to work with DiCaprio on a private undertaking of his. DiCaprio’s Titanic fame risked being an excessive amount of of a distraction.

“I had an idea to do a play with him and I finally realized: ‘I can’t do a play with this guy … it would be a stunt.’ The audience would be full of 12-year-old girls who didn’t [care] what … we could be doing the darkest Eugene O’Neill play in the world and people would still scream through Act Three. And he’s placed in this position now where he can’t go just do some $5 million movie and go play around,” Hawke continued. “That guy was poised to take over where River (Phoenix) was, but all of a sudden he’s this big movie star. I think it’s really hard on him.”

Leonardo DiCaprio remained happy with ‘Titanic’

Titanic might have marked an enormous shift in DiCaprio’s profession. However the Oscar-winner regarded again fondly at what the film did for him. Regardless of the overwhelming fame the movie gave him, it allowed DiCaprio extra management over his profession than ever earlier than.

“I had forged by then exactly what type of films I wanted to do. I used it as a blessing, to make R-rated, different kinds of movies, to throw the dice a little bit on things I wanted to act in,” DiCaprio as soon as informed Deadline. “People would want to finance those movies now. I’d never had that, before Titanic. It was always, ‘Can I have this role, please? There’s a low budget movie, will you let me audition for the starring role?’”

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