‘Sister Wives’ Fans in Disbelief Over the Close Bond Between Robyn Brown and Christine Brown’s Daughter

Sister Wives followers have been in disbelief after studying of the shut bond between Robyn Brown and Mykelti Padron, Christine Brown‘s daughter. Viewers learned about the women’s relationship in episode 3 after Mykelti requested for Robyn to be current throughout the beginning of her first daughter, Avalon. This 2021 occasion is the focus of the newest installment of the TLC sequence.

Christine Brown and Robyn Brown | TLC/Discovery Press

TLC documented Mykelti Padron’s dramatic dwelling beginning

In the episode titled “The Labors of Life,” Mykelti and her husband, Tony Padron, welcomed their first little one. daughter Avalon. Mykelti’s labor and supply grew to become perilous when her midwife realized the child’s heartbeat had out of the blue dropped.

Nevertheless, there have been extra issues throughout Mykelti’s labor and supply than beforehand anticipated.

“That cord was wrapped around Avalon 3 or 4 times,” Christine stated of Mykelti’s labor and supply. “She’s pushing, and the baby keeps getting yo-yoed back up. But it can’t happen anymore. We can’t get a heartbeat. It’s scary hearing you lose a baby’s heartbeat; it’s terrifying.”

Fans have been in disbelief Mykelti requested Robyn Brown to be a part of this particular second

Mykekti revealed throughout the episode that she needed Robyn to be part of her beginning expertise. She shared in a confessional she was very shut with Robyn however didn’t allude to why. Mykelti admitted she didn’t have that very same bond with both Meri or Janelle Brown.

Mykelti’s husband, Tony, advised People Magazine the couple was “excited” Robyn might be a part of the couple through Zoom. He referred to as Mykelti “the strongest person I know, and it shows.”

This reality left followers dumbfounded. Nevertheless, viewers didn’t know that in her courtship with Kody Brown, Robyn had live-in assist together with her kids from a teenage Mykelti. A Reddit thread highlighted their confusion over the association.

“And how old would Mykelti have been at that time: 13 or 14?” questioned one fan.

“At the same time, Christine, who has a newborn, loses a helper while she takes care of all the other children in the family. It’s not just about Robyn gaining help, it’s Christine’s daughter leaving when she could be assisting her mom with the other kids if she needed it. Completely ridiculous!” penned a second viewer.

“It’s also weird because Kody claimed Christine didn’t mother Robyn’s kids in a confessional in the first episode of the season. Not sure what meant, as Christine allowed Mykelti to help his fourth wife,” famous a 3rd Reddit consumer.

Christine Brown’s response to Mykelti’s request for Robyn’s attendance makes her the ‘hero’ of the episode, say followers

Kody and Christine mentioned their damaged relationship in the first two episodes of the season. Nevertheless, even after a number of accusations by the Brown patriarch of Christine not being a “good sister wife” to Robyn, she appeared to welcome Mykelti’s request for Robyn to attend Avalon’s beginning.

“Blows my mind how Kody can say Christine doesn’t treat Robyn well enough. However, Christine immediately thought to give Robyn a better view when Avalon was laid on Mykelti’s chest,” deduced a fan on Reddit. “I would have been so wrapped up in my excitement if it were me, but she seemed genuine.”

“Kudos to Christine for making Robyn feel comfortable during the labor and delivery. I respect Christine even more because she acknowledges her daughter’s special bond with Robyn and respects that. She’s a hero,” claimed a second viewer.

“It proves yet again how delusional and selfish Kody is if he thinks Christine is a bad sister wife after everything she’s done for Robyn,” wrote a fan in response to Kody’s claims.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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