Is Supergirl Stronger Than Superman? DC Comics Finally Answers

One of many oldest issues of debate amongst comedian nerds and fanatics has at all times been who the stronger power between Superman and Supergirl is. The argument right here is that the 2 not solely share the identical physiology but in addition draw energy from the identical supply. To not point out they’ve similar powers.

As it’s possible you’ll count on, most followers are biased towards their beloved Superman, seeing as he’s the extra acquainted character. He’s additionally achieved far larger feats in his time on Earth than the just lately launched Supergirl, battling and defeating beings from his personal planet, like Zod, in addition to different extremely highly effective forces like Doomsday and Darkseid.

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Nonetheless, there are a few different components that will make Supergirl come on prime. And up to date DC runs might need lastly already answered the age-long query.

Supergirl exhibits unimaginable energy

So, to have a look at it objectively, you’ll want a scenario the place each Superman and Supergirl go towards one another with none reservations. Effectively, in Crime Syndicate #5, their cross-dimensional (Ultraman — Superman & Ultragirl — Supergirl) do exactly that, based on Distractify. On this case, Ultraman is the evil that seeks to destroy Ultragirl’s residence, Earth-3.

On this scene, Ultragirl swoops in as Ultraman tries to punch Luthor, stopping his punch with one hand. Understand that Ultraman is definitely an evil superman and is due to this fact extremely unlikely to carry again on his energy. To the shock of readers, she even brings him to his knees with one hand displaying simply how highly effective she is.

Additionally, based on historical past, DC’s evil doppelgängers are inclined to possess related traits in relation to powers and expertise. Due to this fact, Ultragirl stopping Ultraman on Earth-3 wouldn’t be a lot totally different if it had been taking place on Earth-0.

About The Yellow Solar …

Earlier than going any additional, it’s value noting that the physique measurement and muscle mass have little to do with the energy of Kryptonians. A bulk of their energy is obtained once they take in the yellow solar’s radiation. It’s the radiation that’s metabolized to reinforce their pace, bodily energy, and sturdiness.

From this, you would possibly say that their energy could be calculated by the quantity of photo voltaic power they’ve absorbed. So, who then has absorbed extra solar energy?

Kara aka Supergirl has 1 main benefit

Most followers would soar to say that it’s Superman who’s absorbed probably the most solar energy of the 2. In any case, he got here to Earth as a child and has had over 20 years to soak up the solar’s radiation.

Nonetheless, the newer remodeling of the origin of Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) exhibits that Kara was born earlier than Kal-El (Superman)and had grown to her teenage years in Krypton. She was then despatched to Earth earlier than Kal however ended up spending years suspended in outer house whereas absorbing the yellow solar’s radiation. This alone provides Kara an higher hand over her cousin.

On prime of that, Kara additionally grew up in Krypton. Thus, her muscle groups had been shaped below duress of the upper gravity on Krypton. This implies, even on a muscular degree, Kara would nonetheless emerge stronger than Kal, raised below Earth’s gentle gravity.


Regardless of his nice identify and fame, Kal– El, alias Superman, is considered one of many boring superheroes. His fight expertise are usually not all that nice in lots of followers’ opinion, and different followers have even claimed he had a clean character. Additionally, he at all times has the higher hand towards any rival by sheer energy alone, which isn’t that thrilling.

So it got here as a shock when Kara appeared to be stronger than Superman in her first look. She appeared to have extra energy and was extraordinarily quick. Even Superman couldn’t sustain. Nonetheless, this energy distinction was defined.

You see, since his arrival on Earth, Superman has at all times been suppressing his powers to slot in with the far much less highly effective or quick people. Kara, then again, arrived at Earth as an grownup. She wouldn’t know the right way to maintain again her powers proper off the bat, which is why she appeared stronger.

Nonetheless, regardless of her limits in holding again energy, it’s protected to say that Supergirl is at present stronger than Superman, particularly contemplating the occasions of Crime Syndicate #5. Supergirl is ready to change into a a lot larger superhero than his Kryptonian relative sooner or later.

And now, even because the Supergirl collection involves a closure, we are able to’t await what spin DC will give to additional the story.

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