‘Everybody Was Fab in Those Days’

George Harrison mentioned his 1987 tune, “When We Was Fab,” doesn’t solely pay homage to his former group, The Beatles. The tune additionally evokes the spirit of everybody who was fab in that interval.

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George Harrison evoked the spirit of The Beatles on ‘When We Was Fab’

Being Beatle George was laborious. Between the chaotic Beatlemania and being unable to stretch his creativity to its fullest, George wished out earlier than anybody else, particularly as soon as he grew to become non secular.

Nonetheless, years after The Beatles cut up and every thing settled, George got here to phrases with being a Beatle. When he entered the studio to file Cloud 9 in 1987, George all of the sudden wished to create a tune that evoked the spirit of his previous band. He found he may concurrently poke enjoyable at every thing and pay homage to that interval in his life. The outcome was “When We Was Fab,” a tune with extra Beatles Easter eggs than “Glass Onion.”

“I’m much more relaxed about it now, and everybody knows the history where we all split up, and we had a lot of troubles with each other,” George advised CNN.

“But I know exactly what my contribution was and something like ‘Fab,’ to do that ‘Fab’ song is-I’m much more at ease with it, I can just take it completely as a joke and as a trip down memory lane. I’ve enjoyed my position in the band because I didn’t really want to be one of them out there in the front. I like being the one who could stand back and see it from a different point of view.”

George advised Goldmine that he wished the tune to be “reminiscent of that period,” even all the way down to the devices he used. “It was like a whole collection of impressions, a montage of that period,” George mentioned.

He advised Musician Journal the concept was that it “would evoke a Fabs song. It was always intended to be lots of fun.”

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‘When We Was Fab’ wasn’t simply an ode to The Beatles

George didn’t write “When We Was Fab” as an ode to simply The Beatles. He was talking to everybody who’d skilled that interval. Everybody was fab again then.

Throughout an interview on The Today Show, George defined, “I made a decision to write down a kind of nostalgic tune. , this factor received kind of placed on us like ‘fab’ and ‘gear.’ Possibly we used to say it. I believe, as youngsters in Liverpool, it was an expression, ‘fab.’

“And it sort of stuck with-we became the Fab Four, and it was always like a cute word, like a silly word, and I use it in that context but lovingly like when we was fab. It was not really just about The Beatles; I think the whole period, everybody was fab in those days.”

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George additionally seemed on the darker facet of the interval in the tune

In “When We Was Fab,” George doesn’t simply look again on the good issues of that interval. He touches on a few of his darker recollections too.

MuchMusic requested George what the tune’s lyrics meant, particularly one darkish line, “Caresses fleeced you in the morning light/ Casualties at dawn.” George mentioned followers groped The Beatles and knocked them round wherever they went.

“Well, I think that was the kind of thing that was happening to us, where those caressers fleece you in the morning light,” George mentioned. “Casualties at dawn. We all end up coming out of someplace after being fleeced. But basically, it’s just a little montage of ideas put together.”

George would’ve remembered followers fleecing him, wanting to retrieve a hanky, a cigarette, or perhaps a handful of hair from him and his bandmates. That was the worst a part of Beatlemania. It made him paranoid about being significantly harm or, worse, murdered.

So, “When We Was Fab” encapsulates all of George’s emotions about The Beatles and the Sixties as an entire. It’s like an emotional love letter to the previous.

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