Dolly Parton Claims Women Don’t ‘Resent’ Her Because She’s Not a ‘Basic Beauty’

Dolly Parton is understood for her signature blonde hair and over-the-top fashion, however the nation music icon has mentioned that she doesn’t contemplate herself a “beauty.” Right here’s what the “Jolene” singer mentioned about her look and why she thinks ladies don’t “resent” her.

Dolly Parton | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Dolly Parton once said women don’t ‘resent’ her as a result of she’s not a ‘basic beauty’

Throughout a 1983 interview on Wogan, a 37-year-old Dolly Parton was requested about how different ladies handled her. 

“For many men, you are a fantasy figure,” mentioned host Terry Wogan. “Does that mean you get resentment from women?”

“No, it don’t,” mentioned Parton. “As a matter of fact… some find me sexy, some find me ridiculous.”

“I think it’s wonderful that somebody can say some find me ridiculous, it speaks of tremendous honesty,” mentioned Wogan.

“Well, it is an honesty,” the “9 to 5” singer responded. “I can see myself quite well because I’m not really your basic beauty. I mean, mine is all painted and powdered on.”

Dolly Parton defined that a lot of her signature look isn’t ‘real’

Parton defined why she thought ladies didn’t “resent” her for her magnificence.

“You have to understand that I know myself probably better than anybody else, but women do not resent me because the fact that they can say to their husband if their husband or their boyfriend, if they get all out of hand, ‘Oh, you don’t know, she may be completely bald under that wig,’ or, ‘You don’t know if those are for real or not,’” she mentioned. “So they kind of have something to strike back with.”

Parton mentioned ladies acknowledged that her signature look may not be “real.” “I think the fact that I… had enough nerve to do some of the things that I’ve done, or look some of the ways that I’ve looked, and wear some of the things that I’ve worn – … I think it gives some women a chance to say, ‘Well, if I had the nerve, I would do that,’ or, ‘Don’t get too out of hand because you don’t know if any of it’s real or not.’”

The nation music star has usually referred to her magnificence as an phantasm

Dolly Parton has all the time been modest about her look. She has often referenced all of the beauty enhancements and help she’s had.

“I’m no natural beauty,” the Grammy-winning singer as soon as mentioned (per Into the Gloss). “If I’m gonna have any looks at all, I’m gonna have to create them. You don’t need to buy expensive cosmetics; almost anything will do if you know how to apply it.”

Parton additionally revealed the “secret” to her magnificence: “People say I always look happy, I say, ‘That’s the Botox.’ You can have good lighting, good makeup, and good doctors – that’s my secret.”

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