Bruce Miller Assures Fans Nick Won’t Be Executed

The Handmaid’s Story Season 6 doesn’t look nice for Nick Blaine. Within the season 5 finale, he made an explosive choice, threatening his high-ranking standing in Gilead. Nick winds up in a jail cell, the place his spouse tells him she’s performed with their relationship. Although his scenario may appear hopeless, showrunner Bruce Miller doesn’t see Gilead executing Nick.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 finale.]

Max Minghella as Nick in ‘The Handmaid’s Story’ | Sophie Giraud/Hulu

Nick punches Commander Lawrence within the season 5 finale

All through The Handmaid’s Story, Nick has been straddling a tremendous line. He works his method up the ranks of Gilead till he turns into a strong commander, however Nick has one weak point — June. Irrespective of how onerous he tries, Nick can’t neglect about her.

In season 5, June almost dies twice. The second occasion ends together with her within the hospital, and Nick dangers the whole lot to cross into Canada and go to her. Nick believes that Commander Lawrence had one thing to do with the makes an attempt on June’s life. He pays Commander a go to simply to punch him within the face, on his wedding ceremony day, no much less.

“I love all the romantic things that Nick does,” showrunner Bruce Miller instructed Entertainment Weekly. “He comes to see her [June], gives away his whole future and basically his allegiance to his country, just to be able to see her when she’s not even awake. So it feels like such a romantic thing. He’s not playing chess at all.”

Showrunner Bruce Miller assures followers Nick received’t be executed in ‘The Handmaid’s Story’ Season 6

Nick is promptly positioned in a jail cell, the place his pregnant spouse arrives. Rose has by no means been blind to her husband’s emotions for June, however this time he’s gone too far for her. “I don’t want to be with you anymore,” Rose tells Nick.

That is the place The Handmaid’s Story will go away Nick till season 6, and his scenario doesn’t look good. Rose is the daughter of a high-ranking commander, and the one method for her to separate from her husband in Gilead can be for him to die.

Nevertheless, Miller doesn’t see Gilead executing Nick for his transgressions. “I don’t think he squandered his goodwill,” the showrunner instructed EW. “And as Nick says, his only strategy — I don’t think he’s playing chess — he says earlier this season, ‘I try to stay out of trouble.’ The important part of that is ‘try,’ and here, he wasn’t able to. He’s not gonna get executed. The men don’t have to follow any of these f***ing rules.”

June offers Mark Tuello a message for Nick

Gilead is definitely altering as The Handmaid’s Story Season 6 approaches. Commander Lawrence and Nick oversee the execution of Warren Putnam earlier in season 5. To be honest, Putnam has already damaged the legal guidelines of Gilead, and Lawrence is much more prone to be forgiving towards Nick.

In the meantime, June is on a practice sure for Hawaii. She makes use of her final request to ask Mark Tuello to inform Nick that she and Nichole are secure.

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