Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Worries as VFW Crew Struggle in the Weeds [Exclusive Clip]

Jon Taffer has his work reduce out for him in an upcoming episode of Paramount Community’s Bar Rescue. This week the actuality TV collection focuses on rescuing a struggling VFW on its final legs earlier than the bar’s seventy fifth anniversary.

Throughout a dry run with clients, Taffer realizes that this crew isn’t prepared for prime time as they lag on orders and wrestle to search out their consolation stage with creating cocktails. And whereas he brings in some specialists to help the VFW crew, he can inform that he has his work reduce out for him.

Jon Taffer watches VFW bartenders grapple with cocktail making on ‘Bar Rescue’

Taffer is used to seeing assured bartenders mixing drinks and getting them out shortly. Sadly at the VFW, that simply isn’t the case. Throughout the dry run, a line of shoppers begins to develop. In an unique clip shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Taffer tells one buyer, “You might be there a while. You OK with that?” He jokes, “Pull up a stool, relax. Kick your feet up. Grab a newspaper.”

 Jon Taffer | Marcus Ingram/Getty Pictures

The bartenders and the clients giggle. “They’re doing the best they can!” Taffer says about the VFW crew. “They’ve got a lot of spirit here! But we need to get faster, let’s go!”

Mixologist Derrick Turner helps the bartenders and stands close by providing directions. However as one bartender meekly shakes a cocktail, he realizes she must put extra gusto into that shake. “I wanna hear that shake,” Turner says to her with a smile.

The ‘Bar Rescue’ VFW staff look just a little … misplaced

In contrast to most bar and restaurant staff, VFW staff lack confidence. The kitchen workers seemingly stands round and a number of other buyer orders haven’t been taken. Turner notices that the bartender seems to be just a little confused, so he tells her to take a breather.

She dives again into shaking her cocktail and he instructs her on the finest technique to shake it. “Smile!” Taffer says to her. “Put on a show!” The bartender forces a smile and vigorously shakes the cocktail.

“When you shake it, you smile!” Taffer exclaims to the crowd, who cheers.

In the meantime, the wait workers takes meals orders and a few meals comes out of the kitchen. However, after all, there’s a mixup. A waiter realizes that one buyer at a desk didn’t get their order so he asks for the receipt. “So you had a burger?” the waiter asks. “I’ll go grab that for you.”

Taffer seems to be just a little involved as he scans the VFW. “The one thing that’s not working is the food is coming out one at a time, rather than a table at a time,” he tells a kitchen workers who’s clearly in the weeds. “So we’re serving half tables. You gotta keep it by ticket.”

Can the VFW workers save face?

Bartenders proceed to be taught on the job. One bartender is seen pouring alcohol right into a glass however counting as she pours as a substitute of measuring. However the extra drinks the bartenders combine, the extra their confidence grows – perhaps?

One bartender laughs when she realizes, “I did it all wrong!”

Can this VFW get it collectively in time to avoid wasting face? Tune into Bar Rescue, on Sunday, 5/28 at 10 PM ET/PT on Paramount Community.

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