Yup, It’s Princess Charlotte Who Keeps Prince George and Prince Louis ‘in Check’

Princess Charlotte could be Prince William and Kate Middleton’s center baby, however the 8-year-old is extra just like the boss. No less than of her brothers. In response to a parenting professional, Charlotte retains Prince George, 10, and Prince Louis, 5, “in check.” This will come as no shock to royal watchers who may often spot Charlotte telling others what to do. 

Charlotte is effectively conscious of the ‘rules’ and reminds George and Louis of them

When George wants a refresher on royal “rules,” Charlotte can assist. The Prince and Princess of Wales’s daughter, who turns 9 in Could 2024, “knows the rules,” Jo Frost, the parenting professional of Supernanny fame, informed Hello! magazine

“She’s the one in the middle,” Frost mentioned of Charlotte. “She knows how to keep everyone in good stead.” 

“There are moments when I’ve watched George, and he’s looked over at his sister,” she continued. “And he’s probably annoyed with her one minute and then grateful that she’s there being able to remind him of things when he’s taking it all in as well.”

George, Charlotte, and Louis are studying ‘there’s a time and a spot’ 

Between studying royal protocol is the lesson of “awareness” for George, Charlotte, and Louis. “I think really what we’re seeing is awareness,” Frost mentioned. “Prince George and Princess Charlotte are being informed, certainly George, our future king.” 

George, she shared, has “no doubt started learning little bits here and there. He has the wonderful example of looking up to his grandfather [King Charles III] and his father from a young age.”

“They’re raised with an understanding of royal procedures and protocols. And they’re raised to understand, there’s a time and a place,” she went on, calling this explicit side “relatable to any family.” 

“For example, there’s a wedding or a christening coming up. We know that it would be good manners and etiquette to be quiet while the choir is singing and the service is happening. That, to me, is just responsible parenting, and we see that.” 

George, Charlotte, and Louis, she went on, have a “lovely balance of that. And behind closed doors, no doubt they’re playing games and winding each other up as siblings do, teasing each other, having fun and baking cookies and being out in nature.”

George, Charlotte, and Louis are all ‘equals’ within the Wales family

Though George is William’s inheritor and certain for the throne sometime, he, Charlotte, and Louis are all “equals,” in accordance with Frost. 

“I think William and Catherine understand the importance of nurturing the sibling relationships between the three of them. Dare I say it, in their family, it would never be the ‘heir and spare.’”

Certainly, this concept has come up repeatedly because it pertains to how George, Charlotte, and Louis are rising up. William and Kate have been mentioned to make an enormous effort to stop a “spare” state of affairs. 

Reasonably, Frost defined, “it would be about the importance of all of them. The understanding that it really takes a team, with the important roles in upholding the crown and the monarchy.” 

“And so, we’re seeing these very early seeds now, with respect to what it means to support each other and to nurture together,” she concluded. 

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