You’re Probably Using Your Can Opener Wrong—Here’s The Best Way

I used to be (ahem) years outdated after I realized the correct manner to make use of a can opener. Many people pop the blade of the can opener by way of the highest of the can, holding the opener vertically, twisting round, and eradicating the highest. However that high invariably falls into the now-open can and also you’re left attempting to dig it out with a knife or different utensil, and even sacrificing your fingers to the sharp edges of the highest.

Julie Eignemann reveals viewers on TikTok a greater, safer strategy to get that high off.

Within the video, Eignemann positions the opener on high of the can horizontally with the blade on the skin of the can, clamping down on the facet of the can as a substitute of the within of the lid. Twist the opener clockwise all the way in which across the can.

“Voila!” Eignemann mentioned in her video. “Instead of having to peel off the top and potentially cutting yourself, you’ll have a nice clean cut that will come off attached to your can opener.”

It took a number of tries for me, however I lastly acquired the hold of it. There’s no sharp edge on the lid and no digging in tomato sauce or bean juice to get the lid out. And, the can doesn’t transfer round as a lot because it does utilizing the opener the opposite (incorrect) manner.

One fan responded to Eignemann’s TikTok saying, “This is how you’re supposed to do it. My great grandma was a lunch lady and she taught me this way. That’s why there’s a magnet.”

Others argued that the horizontal technique left sharp edges on the can as a substitute of on the highest. “Nope. No sharp edge at all. It pulls the metal inwards, that’s why,” Eignemann mentioned in a response to 1 poster.

“Just do what works for u. U do u. This 1 works 4 me (sic),” she added.

It really works for me, too!

And who doesn’t love kitchen instruments that may do multiple job? In one other of Eignemann’s TikToks, she reveals viewers that may openers aren’t only for opening cans. the laborious plastic packaging that often takes dynamite to open? Attempt utilizing your useful dandy can opener subsequent time.

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