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You Might Be Straining Your Pasta Wrong, Here’s How Pro’s Do It

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Repeat after me, “Just because a hack went viral, does not make it true.” It’s recommendation we must always heed ourselves, educate our children, and warn others about earlier than the hack has been vetted.

“Core an apple with your corkscrew” was one of many newest viral hacks that turned out wasn’t even remotely that useful. Now there’s a brand new “hack” making the rounds that has the potential to hurt folks.

Is This Actually The Proper Method To Pressure?

In a TikTok video by @johannawestbrook, which has over 153,000 views, she explains the “right” method to make use of a colander. Spoiler alert: It’s not the best method. This specific TikTok star is a center faculty trainer who normally posts (cute!) DIY hair tutorials, however when she discovered this kitchen hack, she determined to share it together with her 661,000-plus followers.

Within the video, she reveals the normal approach to pressure your pasta. The standard method entails putting the colander into the sink after which pouring the water and pasta into the colander.

She says as an alternative to take the strainer and place it into the pot backside facet down earlier than straining the water. Then you definitely’ll maintain the colander and pot concurrently, whilst you pressure the water. This manner the pasta stays within the pot, and it cuts out a step, I suppose.

Nevertheless, folks within the feedback rightfully had issues. “This is how I burned my hands,” acknowledged one commenter.

One other acknowledged, “As the strainer slips and you get a sink full of macaroni!” One commenter merely acknowledged, “Not the right way!! Yikes super dangerous.”

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So, what’s the appropriate approach to pressure your pasta? Properly, the normal technique, whereas safer, really isn’t nice both. You lose all that magical pasta water whenever you dump it down the drain. And there’s all the time the potential to drop the pot of just-boiling water. There’s received to be a greater method. (There may be.)

Cease With The ‘Hacks’, Right here’s What The Execs Do

Skilled and residential cooks have recognized the key all alongside. Having a devoted pasta pot will lower out all of the pointless hacks and tips, simply leaving you with scrumptious pasta. A stainless-steel pot with a removable strainer will make sure you’ll by no means burn your self whereas pouring that incredible pasta water down the drain. Plus, you’ve got easy accessibility to that starchy pasta water to raise your pasta sauces.

We love this four-piece set from Cook N Home which incorporates an 8-quart stockpot, the steamer insert, a pasta insert, and a tempered-glass lid. The deep steamer insert can prepare dinner a wide range of pasta, and the aluminum disc layered backside ensures even warmth distribution. It’ll turn into your one-stop pot for cooking pasta, steaming veggies, and even steaming seafood like crab legs or lobster.

One Amazon shopper acknowledged, “With a busy lifestyle, I never really gave a thought to having particular pots. However, times have changed, and so did my needs. These pots are awesome! They are really a beautiful set that is well made, so easy to pull out and strain, and cleans with a breeze. Why did I wait so long? I would buy it again and again! Pricing is adequate for the item. I am looking at other items from this seller to purchase. Goodbye old strainers!”

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