Why The Eagles’ ‘Witchy Woman’ Appealed to the Masses, According to Don Henley


  • Don Henley mentioned the method youngsters in the Eighties reacted to The Eagles’ “Witchy Woman.”
  • Henley didn’t need to endorse the music fully.
  • A star of the Broadway musical Depraved lined the observe for a film a couple of witch.
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Don Henley was requested his opinion about Madonna. Subsequently, he revealed what he considered one in all his most well-known basic rock songs: The Eagles’ “Witchy Woman.” Notably, “Witchy Woman” was an necessary business milestone in the band’s profession.

The Eagles’ Don Henley mentioned followers would have the ability to inform if Madonna was an excellent artist if 1 factor occurred

Throughout a 1985 interview with the SunSentinel, Henley was requested about Madonna. For context, the Queen of Pop’s profession was simply beginning at the time. He mentioned followers would know Madonna was a real artist if she caught round for eight or 10 years. Notably, Madonna would proceed to have hit songs in the United States for the following 30 years.

Again in 1985, Henley mentioned his viewers overlapped with Madonna’s. “I’ve noticed that my audience is pretty mixed,” he mentioned. “There were a lot of young people the first two concerts on this tour. There were people in their 30s and people in their 20s, and there were teenagers.”

Don Henley mentioned The Eagles’ ‘Witchy Woman’ sounded good to youngsters with orange hair

Henley mentioned how youngsters reacted to his music. “And the teenagers, it’s funny — when I played ‘Witchy Woman,’ which is an Eagles song that’s 13 years old, the teenagers and the kids with the mohawks and the orange hair were going just as nuts as the people in their 30s. So I think good material is timeless.”

Henley defined his philosophy concerning music. “I’m not saying that ‘Witchy Woman’ is a good piece of material, but I think if you build things to last, then they last,” he mentioned. “Songwriting, songs, are the bottom line. And I think if you write good songs, then you’ll be around for a while.”

‘Witchy Woman’ grew to become an enormous hit and impressed covers by a basic rock band and a Broadway star from ‘Wicked’

“Witchy Woman” reached No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. This made it the band’s first high 10 single in the United States, and their second charting music after “Take It Easy.” “Witchy Woman” stayed on the chart for a complete of 13 weeks.

“Witchy Woman” appeared on the album Eagles. The album reached No. 22 on the Billboard 200 and stayed on the chart for 49 weeks.

The music additionally impressed cowl variations, together with one by The Hollies which appeared as a bonus observe on some editions of the album Romany. Maybe the most well-known cowl of “Witchy Woman” is the remake by Broadway icon Kristin Chenoweth. Her cowl appeared on the soundtrack of the movie adaptation of the sitcom Bewitched. You don’t get witchier than the star of Depraved masking “Witchy Woman” for that film!

“Witchy Woman” stood the check of time and Henley mentioned that spoke to its high quality.

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