Why Stevie Nicks Said Her Life Story Would Be ‘Every Little Girl’s Dream’

Stevie Nicks has had a rare life as one of many faces of Fleetwood Mac, and she or he is aware of she’s dwelling the dream. Nicks as soon as stated she acknowledged her story could be “every little girl’s dream.” Right here’s what the singer stated about her life and whether or not she’s going to ever write a memoir.

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Stevie Nicks said she wanted to write the story of her life as a ‘novel’

Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks has typically stated she wish to write an autobiography. However quite than a memoir, the singer stated she would publish her life’s story as a memoir as a result of she has lived a fairytale.

“Well, I’d write mine [memoir] more like a novel,” she informed Us Magazine in 1990. “Because my life, the reading of it – maybe not the living of it, but the reading of it – would be every little girl’s dream. I mean, I’ve gone out with all the big rock & roll stars, I’ve flown on Learjets, I’ve had a fleet of eight limousines, I’ve rented 727 airplanes that cost $25,000 a day… and that is glamorous. There’s no getting around it. Just that part of it alone would blow people’s minds.”

She illustrated her level by sharing one of many many thrilling tales from her life. “Example: Somebody sent a tiny little four-seater Learjet once to pick me up – I was on the road and he was on the road,” Nicks stated. “It picked me up after my show, flew me into Atlanta. I stayed there for that day and his show, and then right after the show, that little cranberry red Learjet sat on the ground and waited for me.”

Stevie Nicks shared an instance of a ‘movie moment’ from her life

Not each fairytale story from Stevie Nicks’ life was tremendous glamorous. The Fleetwood Mac singer described one other occasion she felt was a “movie moment” as a result of it was the second she knew her life was about to vary in an enormous method.

It was when Lindsey Buckingham and his buddy, Bob Geary, got here to select her as much as be a part of their band, Fritz. 

“It was 1968, so the San Francisco music scene was incredible – Hendrix, Janis, it was it,” Nicks informed Q Magazine in 2008. “When Bobby told me it was a hard-rock San Francisco band I’m like, ‘OK, cool, I can do that… I think.’ Because I’m playing and writing good little folky songs. So Bob Geary comes to my house and picks me up in a white van and I ride away, bye bye – and I can just tell that my life is going to change.”

She added, “It was totally a movie moment. And the funny thing is, I lived in a gated community and so did Lindsey, so we get in the car and drive down one street and then another one, round the corner, and that’s it, we’re there. In the driveway of this big, beautiful house I can hear all this music coming out of the garage. Inside there’s a full-on rock band setting up and I’m like, ‘Wow, this is the real thing.’”

The Fleetwood Mac star stated her ‘life is a fairy tale’

Stevie Nicks’ picture is inextricably tied to whimsy and magic. She embraced her fairytale status, even taking part in a witch on American Horror Story

Nicks stated she is aware of she lives in a dream world, however it’s not simply due to her fame and success as a musician – she was simply born that method.

“Well, I do really kind of live in a world of dreams and fairy tales. I mean, my life is a fairy tale, that’s for sure,” Nicks stated. “And I actually read fairy tales – Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Anderson – and a lot of my songs come out of that kind of fairy-tale genre, because of the reading that I do, and because when I was a little girl I loved to dress up and put feathers in my hair and sparkle dust on my face. You know, that’s something that I just was kind of born with.”

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