Why Melissa Gilbert Purged Most of Her ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Memorabilia After Marrying Timothy Busfield

Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield obtained married in 2013. This was each of the actors’ third marriages. They entered the union with some baggage however excited to start a brand new, wholesome chapter. Half of that chapter included downsizing and getting rid of a bunch of stuff, together with Little House on the Prairie memorabilia. 

Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield | David Livingston/Getty Pictures

Melissa Gilbert moved out of Los Angeles 

When Gilbert and Busfield first began courting, the Thirtysomething actor lived in Michigan. Gilbert began spending a while there and finally moved to her new accomplice’s dwelling state. From there, they moved to New York for work. Finally, they landed in the Catskills, the place they’ve a small cabin on many acres of land. It’s the place they name dwelling right now. 

“We were living in New York City and wanted a second home where we could escape into peace, quiet, and nature,” Gilbert wrote in her 2022 ebook Again to the Prairie. “We wanted space to think and breathe and stillness to help us slow down. We wanted to recharge and feel inspired.”

The Melissa Gilbert & Timothy Busfield Michigan Property Public sale

Transferring to a smaller dwelling meant Gilbert and Busfield needed to get rid of loads of their belongings. 

“I had already said goodbye to the bonnet,” wrote Gilbert. “And the red gingham dress I wore back when I was portraying Laura Ingalls. And the black-and-white Us magazine photo of me pregnant with Dakota. And the wooden sign that said HALF-PINT. And my old Carman Allen boots. And Tim’s autographed scripts from thirtysomething. And his high school baseball jersey. Oh, and seven unopened bags of Morton salt. It was goodbye, adios, adieu to those and more than two hundred other items from our shelves, closets, and kitchen pantry.”

All of this stuff have been up for public sale as half of the Melissa Gilbert & Timothy Busfield Michigan Property Public sale. It was an enormous success.  

“More than fifty-eight thousand people browsed the auction website, more than four hundred people registered to bid, and when the last gavel banged, we were sold out,” she wrote.

A contemporary begin for Gilbert and Busfield

The public sale was about greater than merely releasing up house. It was a contemporary begin for Gilbert and Busfield. 

“This was not a Kondo-inspired cleanse; it was more of a Swedish death cleaning,” wrote Gilbert. “It was a purging of the past that had to happen. We needed to let go of things that we had treasured but really didn’t need—not anymore. This was about figuring out what was essential for us and getting rid of anything that might distract from that or weigh us down with the past. Six years earlier I had felt my heart open and given myself permission to follow that into a new marriage. This was about that next essential step: building a life together.” 

The couple wasn’t even current at the public sale. They have been working on fixing up their new dwelling in the Catskills. And there was heaps of work to be finished. Once they’d purchased the place, it was utterly crammed with all the earlier proprietor’s belongings. And none of it was in good condition. As soon as Gilbert and Busfield cleared their new dwelling of all the undesirable muddle, they felt able to get pleasure from their clear slate. 

“We weren’t scrubbing away our pasts as much as we were prepping a canvas on which we could paint a future together,” she wrote. “This house was in need of TLC but its bones were solid and we saw the potential it offered.”

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