Why Knowing Cassian’s ‘Rogue One’ Fate Won’t Ruin New ‘Star Wars’ Show

Star Wars actually popularized the prequels with its 1999 – 2005 trilogy. Any prequel has the caveat that the viewers could know the way it ends, or at the least what occurs after. Annakin Skywalker was at all times going to grow to be Darth Vader. And Andor can’t change Cassian Andor (Diego Luna)’s destiny in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. However, Luna and Andor creator Tony Gilroy say it doesn’t matter if you understand what occurs to him.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.]

Diego Luna | Momodu Mansaray/Getty Photos

Luna and Gilroy have been on a Tv Critics Affiliation Zoom panel for Andor on Aug. 3. They defined why the ending of Rogue One doesn’t restrict Andor in any respect. New episodes of Andor premiere Wednesdays on Disney+.

Cassian Andor dying in ‘Rogue One’ is not any completely different from any character or viewer 

Rogue One was distinctive to Star Wars for its tragic ending. Even after Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Rogue One confirmed all its fundamental characters dying to offer Princess Leia with the Demise Star plans. Andor takes place within the 5 years main as much as Rogue One, however Gilroy isn’t nervous that viewers know Andor dies. 

“I finally came up with the answer that I’ve always wanted,” Gilroy stated. “You know what? We’re all living in a prequel. We’re all going to die, and we’re all in a prequel.”

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Gilroy has a degree. Even in contemporaneous tales, the entire characters are going to die ultimately, until you’re watching Highlander. Knowing that doesn’t destroy their present journey both. 

Cassian Andor’s dying doesn’t restrict Diego Luna both 

It’s one factor to jot down Andor’s life earlier than Rogue One. Luna performed his dying scene. Nonetheless, that doesn’t maintain Luna again from exploring Andor earlier than the movie.

“It’s the opposite,” Luna stated. “I’m going to challenge everything you think about Cassian. Everything that made sense when you were watching the film is now going to be challenged, because I do have that in mind. I know where it ends, and I can be very creative about how to get there. I think it triggers a different part of your creativity, when you start backwards.”

A fan of historic nonfiction, Luna stated he can method Andor the identical manner.

Not as an actor, as viewers I let you know there’s nothing I like essentially the most than going to see huge reveals about historic moments that I do know occurred, and that I do know the tip. And characters that I’ve examine, then I’m going and see a film about them and I get to see what’s in between what I learn. To me, it celebrates, in a manner, and it challenges audiences in a really particular manner. It’s like you understand that is attainable. You recognize somebody is able to this. Nicely, I’m going to let you know one thing you don’t find out about what triggered that and, to me, that’s when storytelling turns into fascinating. And, once more, that’s what I seek for as viewers.

Diego Luna, Tv Critics Affiliation panel, 8/3/22

Everybody is aware of what occurs in ‘Star Wars’

Gilroy additionally associated it to repeat film viewing. Most individuals watch films greater than as soon as, though they know what occurs. 

“The suspension of disbelief is even more tenuous than that, because you can watch a movie for the third time,” Gilroy stated. “You just saw it six months before, and you can, if you love it, because you’re watching it again, you’re invested in it. That is not a concern as a dramatist.”

Given we’re speaking about Star Wars, folks watch these films much more than thrice. You at all times know the Demise Star goes to explode, but it surely doesn’t destroy the expertise. 

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