Why Jeff Lynne Said Producing The Beatles’ ‘Free as a Bird’ ‘Was the Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done’

Jeff Lynne of the Electrical Gentle Orchestra produced The Beatles‘ “Free as a Bird.” The tune was primarily based on a John Lennon demo. Lynne stated it was tough to complete the music.

The Electrical Gentle Orchestra’s Jeff Lynne | Michael Putland / Contributor

Jeff Lynne referred to as the unique vocals from The Beatles’ ‘Free as a Bird’ ‘scratchy and thin’

Based on PBS, John created a 1977 demo of “Free as a Bird.” In 1995, 15 years after his premature demise, the three surviving Beatles accomplished the signal and launched it as a single. Lynne served as the producer on the monitor, having beforehand produced George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set on You.”

Throughout a 2012 interview with The Telegraph, Lynne was requested to call his favourite Beatles music. He named “Free as a Bird.” “The amazing thing is that it even exists,” he opined. “I had to make this little cassette of John’s become a Beatle record. It was just recorded on a Walkman on top of a piano, and the voice was so scratchy and thin, and you couldn’t separate the piano. It was a real industrial job.”

Jeff Lynne stated the creation of the music was a uncommon assembly of the 3 former Beatles

Lynne mentioned what it was prefer to work with the then-living Beatles. “Paul, George, and Ringo hadn’t been in a room, all three together, for maybe 25 years,” he stated. “They were like ‘Wow!,’ it was all hugs and kisses and sit down and reminisce, and those hours were just magic. Then the seriousness of the situation kicked in. It was the hardest thing I have ever done.”

Lynne mentioned how “Free as a Bird” got here collectively from John’s demo. “One of the reasons it worked is that Paul ghosted the vocal under John, he followed him really closely, just to give it some body,” he recalled.
“When it was over, Paul came up and said ‘Well done, Jeff, you did it,’ and gave me a hug. It’s just The Beatles playing but I do one low harmony on the chorus, so I can hear myself on a Beatle record. It was a marvelous experience.”

‘Free as a Bird’ is so horrible that it doesn’t need to be an official Fab 4 single

On one stage, it’s good to know that Lynne, an artist who clearly took plenty of inspiration from The Beatles, was capable of produce a Fab 4 report. On one other stage, “Free as a Bird” deserved to remain in the vault. It’s a dour ballad that doesn’t have the lyrics to offset its tedious melody. The incontrovertible fact that followers waited so lengthy to listen to this music makes it extra insulting.

If “Free as a Bird” deserved a launch, it was as a demo on a CD of John’s demos. That manner solely the most hardcore followers would’ve bought it, and they might’ve understood it was an unfinished work-in-progress. Promoting this music as an official Beatles single was a poor transfer.

“Free as a Bird” isn’t nice nevertheless it clearly meant a lot to Lynne.

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