Why Chip Gaines Said He and Joanna Should ‘Ship’ Son Crew ‘Off to Kim Kardashian’

Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines have 5 children, and they as soon as stated they need to ship their youngest, Crew, off to fellow actuality TV star Kim Kardashian. Right here’s what the Fixer Higher stars stated about Kardashian, and among the similarities between the 2 well-known households.

(L-R) Chip and Joanna Gaines, Kim Kardashian | Cindy Ord/Getty Pictures; John Shearer/Getty Pictures

Chip Gaines stated he and Joanna ought to ship their youngest son Crew to Kim Kardashian

In a November 2022 interview with Variety, Chip and Joanna Gaines had been requested how their youngest son, four-year-old Crew, was adjusting to rising up on digicam.

“We’re nervous,” answered Chip. “We’re nervous about what type of effect – because all four of our kids prior to Crew, our fifth, I would say were brought up in a pretty normal environment.”

“Well, they were normal, but then once Fixer happened, I don’t think – they were so young,” stated Joanna. “I think that’s what’s great about Crew because at the time, Fixer was kind of all-encompassing.”

“Sometimes I wonder, should we ship this kid off to Kim Kardashian so that he can have a chance to really be inundated and understand this environment,” Chip joked.

“Crew doesn’t know the difference,” stated Joanna. “Crew is a four-year-old kid and all he cares about right now is fishing and dinosaurs, so I think Crew is fine.”

Chip and Joanna Gaines are the Kardashians of HGTV

Whereas Chip joked about sending his youngest baby off to Kim Kardashian, there are a shocking variety of similarities between the 2 actuality TV households.

The Gainses and the Kardashians each have numerous youngsters and emphasize the significance of household. They love shopping for and promoting houses, and are obsessive about lovely dwelling decor.

The Kardashians rose to fame on the E! Channel with their present Retaining Up with the Kardashians earlier than shifting to Hulu beneath a brand new identify (The Kardashians). Chip and Joanna began out with Fixer Higher on HGTV earlier than creating their very own community referred to as Magnolia Community. 

Each have constructed empires from their households and actuality TV reveals, and have spectacular multi-million greenback internet worths and a number of companies. 

The ‘Fixer Upper’ star stated he ‘lost himself’ to fame

Chip and Joanna Gaines and Kim Kardashian are very well-known, and they’ve spoken about what they consider fame. 

In an interview with Oprah, Chip revealed that he “lost himself” after he and his spouse rose to fame with Fixer Higher. “Really what happened – and was the truth for Jo and I – was it was no big deal for her, but for me to become famous, I lost a part of myself that was really… it was sad,” he stated. “I would say it took me a year or two while I was still filming to try to grapple with what exactly it was that I was losing.”

Kardashian, then again, admitted in a 2019 interview with Vogue Arabia that fame was “addictive.” “Money was always the goal but I was obsessed with fame, like, embarrassingly obsessed,” she stated. “I do agree that fame can be addictive.”

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