What Happened to Jung Jin-soo in Episode 3 of the K-Drama?

The Netflix Korean drama Hellbound left rather a lot of solutions to be defined. By episode 3 of the Okay-drama, audiences are left with a stunning revelation about the chief of the New Fact Society Jung Jin-soo (Yoo Ah-in). The person who proclaimed God was punishing the sinners of the world had his personal secret. Jin-soo’s storyline would break open Hellbound’s storyline and have audiences query if his educating about the new phenomenon is true. 

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Hellbound.]

Character Jung Jin-soo from ‘Hellbound’ | through Netflix

What occurred in ‘Hellbound’ Episode 3 with Jung Jin-soo?

In the episode, Jin Kyeong-hoon (Yang Ik-June) is aware of how Jin-soo manipulated his daughter into committing a grave sin to get again at him for his remark about free will. Jin-soo has Kyeong-hoon meet him at the deserted orphanage the place he grew up. That is when Jin-soo reveals a jaw-dropping twist. 

In Hellbound, Jin-soo admits he additionally obtained a prophecy as a youngster in the orphanage. The angel informed him he’ll die in 20 years at 10:30 P.M. Unable to perceive what the prophecy meant or what he had witnessed, he searched the world for related instances. However Kyeong-hoon theorizes why Jin-soo is telling him his story. Jin-soo is aware of he’ll meet the emissaries of hell and his destiny. 

He provides Kyeong-hoon the capacity to select the world’s destiny primarily based on his free will. Kyeong-hoon can doc Jin-soo’s dying and let the world flip to chaos once more or flip a blind eye and run away along with his daughter. The episode opened a can of worms of whether or not or not Jin-soo dedicated a sin or whether it is one thing extra.

‘Hellbound’s’ Jung Jin-soo by no means dedicated a sin regardless of his teachings 

Hellbound’s Jin-soo primarily based the New Fact Society on the foundation that God is punishing humanity for committing sins. However his backstory and grand reveal of his prophecy show one thing totally different. In episode 3, audiences see a flashback of when he was deserted by his mom. Many may assume that perhaps being an orphan was his sin. However in accordance to Jin-soo, he has by no means sinned earlier than receiving the prophecy. After looking the world for proof, he lived a righteous life serving to others. 

In actuality, Jin-soo just isn’t a sinner. So why did he obtain a prophecy? Kyeong-hoon realizes that Jin-soo just isn’t 100% sure that these condemned to hell are sinners. (*3*) explains, “He believed he had lived a life that was absent of sin and wondered if that would save him from the decree. However, it didn’t. In fact, it was revealed in the K-Drama that one’s sins had nothing to do with the decree in Hellbound.” 

Jin-soo’s teachings as the chief of the New Fact Society are faux. Kyeong-hoon explains that if he was sure about how persons are condemned, he would have grilled Park Jung-ja about her sins. 

‘Hellbound’ twist ending reveals a stunning revelation 

The ending of the Okay-drama additional causes confusion on what it actually means to obtain a prophecy. The occasions that happen depart the door open for a Hellbound Season 2. Audiences had been left questioning if Jin-soo’s teachings actually had been a lie all alongside. It was then proved in the Okay-drama’s remaining scene. Park Jung-ja’s burnt physique comes again to life.

Jung-ja was the first condemned story followers are launched to. Whereas her kids shock her with a cake for her birthday, she receives the prophecy. Her son data the incident. When Jin-soo, the church, Park, and her representatives strike a deal, Jin-soo turns into interested by her sin. 

The one “sin” that’s believable is that she is a single mom who gave start to two kids with totally different fathers. But when the ending proves something and Jin-soo’s dying, these damned to hell might need nothing to do with sins. 

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