V Likes ‘Making Different Characters’ for His Solo Music and His Work With BTS

BTS’ V is understood for his soulful voice and his ardour for jazz. This singer is fairly versatile, although, even altering his voice when engaged on BTS music versus his solo tasks. In reality, this artist shared his completely different voices are “a tool at [his] disposal.”

Right here’s what V stated about his BTS persona and the variations between his solo music and his work with the group.

V releases solo music and seems on BTS’ music

V (Kim Taehyung) and Suga (Min Yoongi) of BTS at the 34th Golden Disc Awards | The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Image

He hates shoes and loves his dog Yeontan. V is a member of BTS’ maknae line. He seems as a vocalist for “Butter,” “Dynamite,” “Life Goes On,” “Yet to Come,” and different chart-topping originals. BTS even launched solo songs by V at the side of the group albums. Not too long ago, that meant “Inner Child” featured on Map of the Soul: 7. 

V can be the artist behind “Winter Bear” and “Snow Flower,” two songs out there on YouTube. Some count on V to launch his extremely anticipated mixtape in 2022, with a number of BTS members specializing in solo tasks following Proof’s launch.

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V modifications his singing voice from his solo music and BTS’ music

As a solo artist and a BTS member, V showcases completely different sides of himself by music. He can showcase his soulful, jazzy facet with songs like “Stigma.” The singer highlighted his pop-y edge with BTS’ “Butter.” He even revealed that he alters his singing voice for completely different music genres. 

“I think my voice in BTS’ music and in my solo music should be different,” V stated throughout an interview with Weverse Magazine. “That could be yet another thing that’s attractive about me that I can show off, but it could also be a tool at my disposal. I kind of like making different characters for myself, so you could look at it as something of a persona.”

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V describes his BTS persona — ‘one who sings and dances’

V was requested about his BTS persona, the singer turned to a metaphor a couple of tree with many branches. The completely different fruits on this tree every embody a novel side of V’s “attractive points.” 

“It’s not really something that can be put into words,” V stated throughout the identical interview. “I’m just trying to create and show one of the many charms that I can show off as V.” 

“If you’re asking what kind of V I’m portraying within BTS, I would say one who sings and dances,” he added. “That’s one of V’s thousands of personas, and it’s up to the viewers to come to their own conclusion.”

Even on the subject of Kim Taehyung and V, there are some variations (and an intentional separation). The artist defined that he illustrated his stage persona with the “Singularity” music video. There, V puppeteered a coat rack to look as a second particular person. 

That concept of a stage character was additional explored with BTS’ Map of the Soul: Persona, which included “Intro: Persona,” and Map of the Soul: 7, which highlighted Suga’s “Interlude: Shadow.” 

How BTS’ V Differentiates Between His Stage Persona and Kim Taehyung

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