Tosha’s Mom Accuses Her of Helping ‘Groom’ Arielle for Their ‘Cult’

In Searching for Sister Spouse Season 4, Tosha Jones tells her mother, Teresa, about her husband Sidian Jones visiting his girlfriend, Arielle Jazmine Roque, within the Philippines. Tosha’s mother tells her daughter that she was accountable for serving to “groom” her buddy with the intention of her becoming a member of their polygamous”cult.”

Tosha Jones, ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4 | TLC

Tosha knew Arielle earlier than introducing her to Sidian

Earlier on Searching for Sister Spouse, Tosha revealed that she was mates with the potential new spouse, Arielle, earlier than introducing her to Sidian. Tosha says, “Arielle is a friend I met at work, probably four or five years ago now. And I actually went on a work trip to the Philippines and spent a lot of time with her.” Try a clip from the episode (by way of Instagram) under:

She continued, “I’ve brought up the idea with Arielle of just testing it out and trying to date Sidian. Because I just [have] grown to really adore her as a person. And when thinking about somebody I’d want as a sister wife, she fits the bill.”

Tosha’s mom thinks that her daughter groomed Arielle to affix her ‘cult’

On the August 8 episode of Searching for Sister Spouse, Sidian continues to be on his journey to the Philippines with Arielle. Left again in Portland, Tosha goes to talk together with her mom about her husband’s new girlfriend. Teresa has been clear about her disapproval of her daughter’s polygamous way of life since day one.

Tosha Jones' mom, Teresa talks to her daughter at a cafe on 'Seeking Sister Wife' Season 4 on TLC.
Tosha Jones’ mother, Teresa, ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ | TLC

Tosha drops the bombshell that they’ve been relationship her buddy, Arielle, and her mother isn’t feeling good about it. Teresa tells the cameras, “Polygamy is something that I’m not interested in.”

Tosha defined to her mother that Arielle had slowly warmed as much as the thought of polygamy after she started speaking to her. Teresa tells her, “So you brought her into the cult.” Tosha denies it, “It’s not a cult.” Her mother retorts, “That’s how they groom them, Tosha.”

Why does Tosha need to be a polygamist?

Teresa tells the cameras about her confusion concerning her daughter’s relationship selections. She says, “You know, I don’t understand why they want to live in a polygamous lifestyle.” She admits to nonetheless needing time to simply accept it totally.

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Whereas Teresa doesn’t perceive her daughter’s motivation to be in a polygamous marriage, she believes she understands the place this way of life selection got here from.

She advised the cameras, “When Tosha was growing up, we did live in a family unit group. So I lived with my brother and his wife and their children. So I believe that polygamy is probably a lot similar to the lifestyle that Tosha grew up in.” She concludes, “I really think that that was where she got the core belief system that she has.”

Whether or not or not Tosha’s mother is on board together with her plans doesn’t matter. Tosha and Sidian are getting critical about proposing to Arielle and bringing her to the USA on a Okay-1 (fiancé) visa. Followers must tune in to learn how the Jones household’s journey ends.

Searching for Sister Spouse airs Mondays at 10 pm EST on TLC and discovery+.

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