‘Tomorrow’ Episode 14 Teaser Reveals the Biggest Piece of the Puzzle About Goo Ryeon’s Past Life

Tomorrow is slowly coming to a detailed as the Okay-drama goes into its fourteenth episode. Followers have waited to be taught the reality about Goo Ryeon’s previous that led her to take her personal life. Whereas there have been a number of theories and the way she is related to Joong-gil, a brand new episode teaser reveals the crux of her story. Tomorrow Episode 14’s teaser reveals what actually occurred in Goo Ryeon’s earlier life.

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Followers theorized Goo Ryeon was as soon as married however pressured to do the unimaginable in ‘Tomorrow’

Since the starting of Tomorrow, Goo Ryeon has been a mysterious determine with a hidden previous. Followers are conscious she got here from hell to develop into the Disaster Administration workforce chief and isn’t favored by any of the different reapers. However the cause as to why was a thriller. As the drama progressed, extra particulars surfaced, and followers theorized she was married as a younger woman to Joong-gil.

Each characters are current in flashbacks of their previous lives however are unsure why. Primarily based on the given particulars, Goo Ryeon died by suicide after going through a tragic occasion that led her to be ridiculed by the native townspeople. She was suggested on whether or not or not she would take her life by her personal hand or another person would.

Joong-gil’s flashbacks additionally reveal that he killed villagers who spoke unwell of Goo Ryeon. He additionally tried to save lots of her when she was taken alongside different individuals. One other flashback revealed that she as soon as tried to kill Joong-gil with a damaged vase. Followers are decided that Joong-gil and Goo Ryeon have been as soon as married of their previous lives in Tomorrow, however the emperor retains it a secret for a cause.

In an episode of the Okay-drama, Goo Ryeon explains individuals who take their lives sever their pink thread to the particular person they’re destined with. However the teaser for Tomorrow Episode 14 reveals the tragedy that Goo Ryeon was burdened with.

‘Tomorrow’ Episode 14 teaser reveals Goo Ryeon was doubtless pregnant and never by alternative

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Followers get the greater image of Goo Ryeon’s mysterious and puzzling previous with each episode. The top of Tomorrow Episode 13 confirmed the teaser for the following episode and the way it will give attention to Goo Ryeon. The teaser reveals Joon-woong worrying about Goo Ryeon’s pink ranges. He confides in the Emperor who says he is able to dive into her previous.

The teaser for Tomorrow Episode 14 reveals Goo Ryeon was taken hostage by barbarians who crossed the border. Snippets reveal Goo Ryeon urges one other lady to push ahead in hopes they’ll survive.

Followers see the villagers gossiping about the Chief Officer’s spouse getting pregnant by a barbarian. The shot reveals what might be Goo Ryeon being protected and led by city by Joong-gil. Might the Chief Officer and his spouse be them? Or was Goo Ryeon married to somebody near Joong-gil?

The teaser brings again the earlier flashback of Goo Ryeon talking to a head court docket maid who asks her if her life is extra essential than her household’s honor. A key element is Goo Ryeon carrying a conventional white hanbok. Followers additionally see the identical scene the place villagers throw rocks at Goo Ryeon, wounding her. It might be Goo Ryeon’s being pregnant or loss that led to her choice to take her personal life.

The brand new teaser brings into query different theories in the Okay-drama

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The teaser for Tomorrow Episode 14 reveals extra than simply the largest principle followers have about Goo Ryeon. There are nonetheless free threads about their previous which can be but to be revealed and can doubtless be proven in the new episode. One of the largest questions is why the emperors locked their previous lives.

Followers are conscious as soon as a pink thread is reduce, the individuals concerned neglect some of their reminiscences of one another. However Goo Ryeon and Joong-gil are having flashbacks of one another. A fan on Reddit explains, “my theory is that the jade emperor has PJG’s half of the red string.”

Some would possibly recall that Goo Ryeon requested the Emperor to maintain her promise to satisfy her want, which followers are unclear of. The Emperor additionally advised Goo Ryeon she is afraid to face the previous as a result of she took somebody Joong-gil liked away. Followers are additionally in a pickle about how Jun-woong matches into their story and if he actually is their previous son. Tomorrow Episode 14 revealed that Jun-woong saved consolation girls escaping Japanese troopers in his previous life.

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