Tom Petty’s Heartbreaking Words After George Harrison Almost Died During a Home Invasion in 1999

In 1999, a man attacked George Harrison and his spouse Olivia in their dwelling, Friar Park. The person attacked George with a kitchen knife and stabbed him 40 instances till Olivia might knock him out with a lamp and a fire poker. George was recovering from throat most cancers, however he needed to get a part of his lung eliminated as a result of assault. When the information of the house invasion broke, Tom Petty was fearful that his pal was gravely injured.

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Tom Petty advised George Harrison he wouldn’t have dealt with George dying in the assault very nicely

Sadly, many consider that the assault took years off George’s life. He was simply getting over his first bout of most cancers, but it surely returned afterward. Thankfully, when the time got here, George left his physique the best way he needed and with dignity in 2001.

Petty was glad for this as a result of he wouldn’t have been capable of deal with George dying the evening of the assault. He advised Rolling Stone in 2002 that George’s spirituality helped him via the previous couple of years of his life.

“I would think it helped him immensely,” Petty stated. “He’s simply a actually courageous man, and he died with a nice deal of dignity. It’s a lot simpler for me than if he had died that evening in the assault. I don’t suppose I might have handled that. I advised him so.

“When I put on my TV the morning he was stabbed, it looked like he had died, there were so many biographical things coming up on the TV. After that, I told him, ‘I already kind of went through your death.’ And I said, ‘Just do me a favor and don’t die that way, because I just can’t handle it.’ He said he promised me he wasn’t going out that way.”

Petty recommended Olivia’s efforts to save lots of George in the course of the assault

When Petty first heard in regards to the assault, he despatched George a fax that stated, “Aren’t you glad you married a Mexican girl?”

“Olivia really kicked ass,” Petty stated. “She is a beautiful person. His song, Dhani, is a beautiful kid, man. I’ve seen his recently. He is doing very well. Very strong and inspired. Olivia had the hardest job in the world, because she loved George more than all of us, and she really took care of him and cleared the path in front of him, behind him, and inherited that crazy life, you know.”

Who is aware of what would have occurred if Olivia hadn’t mustered up the power to battle it out with the assailant. She really saved her husband that evening. George might have been much more significantly injured, and so would she.

Each George and Olivia thought they have been going to be murdered that evening in 1999

In his court docket assertion, explaining that horrible evening in 1999 (per the Guardian), George stated, “I felt exhausted and could feel the strength draining from me. I vividly remember a deliberate thrust to my chest. I could hear my lung exhaling and had blood in my mouth.” George believed he’d been fatally stabbed.

Olivia additionally thought they’d be murdered that evening. In her assertion, Olivia stated, “There was blood on the walls and on the carpet. There was a moment when I realised we were going to be murdered – I realised that this man was succeeding.”

Like Petty, we don’t know what followers would have completed if George and Olivia died that evening. Nonetheless, George appeared to have some type of guardian angel with him that evening.

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