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Tom Petty Shared What He Found ‘Unforgivable’ About Modern Society


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Years after utilizing the Accomplice flag as a promotional device for his album Southern Accents, Tom Petty apologized for the selection. In an essay, he defined the change in pondering that spurred the apology. He additionally shared his ideas on societal issues typically. He voiced his frustration at inequality and the pointless creation of additional points. 

Within the Eighties, Petty, who was from Florida, launched the album Southern Accents. His concept was to jot down an album concerning the South, and the band used the Accomplice flag as a advertising device to advertise the document. Petty mentioned that he grew to remorse the selection.

“It began as a concept record about the South, but the concept part slipped away probably 70 percent or so into the album. I just let it go, but the Confederate flag became part of the marketing for the tour,” he mentioned in a press release to Rolling Stone. “I wish I had given it more thought. It was a downright stupid thing to do.”

Throughout one live performance, Petty informed the gang that using the flag was for example a personality and that he didn’t wish to see individuals bringing the flag to reveals. 

“It got a mixed reaction. There were some boos and some cheers,” he defined. “But honestly, it’s a little amazing to me because I never saw one again after that speech in that one town. Fortunately, that went away, but it left me feeling stupid. That’s the word I can use. I felt stupid. If I had just been a little more observant about things going on around me, it wouldn’t have happened.”

Tom Petty believed individuals had been worsening society’s issues

In the identical assertion, Petty addressed some broader points. 

“Beyond the flag issue, we’re living in a time that I never thought we’d see,” he mentioned. “The way we’re losing Black men and citizens in general is horrific. What’s going on in society is unforgivable. As a country, we should be more concerned with why the police are getting away with targeting Black men and killing them for no reason. That’s a bigger issue than the flag.”

He believed individuals would look again on this time interval with disgust.

“Years from now, people will look back on today and say, ‘You mean we privatized the prisons so there’s no profit unless the prison is full?’” he mentioned. “You’d think someone in kindergarten could figure out how stupid that is. We’re creating so many of our own problems.”

He used his platform to advertise varied causes

Over the course of his music profession, Petty championed various totally different causes. Together with the Heartbreakers, he carried out on the No Nukes live performance in 1979, and several other of his songs had anti-war themes.

Throughout his remaining tour in 2017, Petty performed “American Girl” as his encore. Per Page Six, because the band performed the music, they lit the display screen with a picture of transgender celeb Alexis Arquette, who died of AIDS-related problems in 2016. For a lot of followers, this was a transparent stance in assist of trans rights.

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