Tom Hardy Once Told Michael Fassbender to Quit His Method Acting

Many take into account Michael Fassbender to be one of many prime skills within the trade, together with his fellow actor Tom Hardy. However though Hardy typically admired Fassbender, there was some extent the place he felt Fassbender’s technique performing might need been a bit an excessive amount of.

Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender went to the identical drama faculty

Tom Hardy | Dave J Hogan/Getty Photographs

Hardy and Fassbender met maybe years earlier than most movie followers knew who they had been. Hardy described the movie faculty they went to when he began performing as difficult, however solely as a result of it introduced out the most effective of their college students.

“Have you seen that movie Whiplash? I went to a school like that. You know, a drama school very similar to that. And the guy that trained me, they based Hannibal Lecter on him. His pursuit was just to f***ing destroy us. He wanted us to achieve excellence, and I think all of us failed to impress him, to be fair,” Hardy as soon as advised Particulars (by way of Daily Actor).

Hardy, nonetheless, was up to the problem. And it was a philosophy that’s helped him his total profession.

“But that’s where I came from, and it was always laced with danger, that place. Which was always the attitude: This isn’t about money or fame, this is just about doing what it says on the tin,” Hardy mentioned.

Tom Hardy as soon as advised Michael Fassbender to give up his technique performing

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Fassbender was already somebody that Hardy had nice admiration for. Even amongst different actors, Hardy felt that Fassbender was particular.

“Mikey Fassbender, he was in the third year, and he was, like, the s***,” Hardy mentioned.

However Fassbender was as soon as so devoted to the craft that he took his technique performing outdoors of theater. Which created a minor inconvenience for Hardy when it was time for him to eat.

“And [Michael Fassbender] was in this wheelchair, ’cause his character is in a wheelchair. We had, like, half an hour for lunch, a half an hour to feed the whole school,” Hardy defined. “We had this little canteen, Barbara’s canteen, and Mikey would be holding up the whole queue ’cause he wouldn’t get out of his f***ing wheelchair. That’s the kind of school I went to. ‘Mikey, man, just stand the f*** up and order your lunch so we can go back to school, so we don’t get thrown out at the end of the week.’ And he’d be like, ‘F*** you!’”

Michael Fassbender is certainly one of Tom Hardy’s man-crushes

Even after each of their successes, Hardy nonetheless aspired to work alongside Fassbender in the future. However Fassbender wasn’t the one actor he hoped to share the stage or display with. If Hardy had it his approach, he’d do a movie that included the entire performers he seemed up to.

“It’s the year of hero worship! I look up to [Fassbender], I look up to Ryan Gosling. Those two, totally man-crushing at the moment. It would be really cool if the three of us could do something together, because I’d be well up for that,” Hardy as soon as mentioned in an interview with Daily Beast. “And if Gary Oldman can get in on that as well, I’d want some of that, too.”

To this point, Gosling and Hardy haven’t labored collectively. He hasn’t labored alongside Fassbender but both, however Hardy sarcastically ended up changing him within the movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

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