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Tom Hardy Admitted He Was ‘Really Hurt’ When He Lost a Role Despite Doing His Best ‘Hugh Grant Impression’

Tom Hardy has gained a repute for portraying intense and gritty characters through the years. However within the early days of his burgeoning profession, the Warrior star ventured into auditions for a function of a wholly totally different nature.

Imagine it or not, Hardy as soon as tried his hand on the romance style. Whereas Hardy tried his greatest to land the lead in motion pictures like Pleasure & Prejudice, he was “really hurt” after dropping out on a half that finally went to Succession star Matthew Macfadyen.

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Tom Hardy admits that dropping this iconic function to a ‘Succession’ star ‘Really Hurt’

Despite the entire darkish and broody characters he’s performed, Hardy really has a love for characters in classical tales. One among his favourite basic characters is Mr. Darcy from Pleasure & Prejudice

In an interview with Telegraph, Hardy revealed that he auditioned for the function of Darcy within the 2005 movie, Pleasure & Prejudice. MacFadyen, in fact, ultimately gained the function and starred reverse Keira Knightley within the well-liked rendition. 

However Hardy actually thought he had a shot on the half. He even did his greatest impression of Hugh Grant in a bid to persuade director Joe Wright that he was good for the half. When Common Studios boss Stacey Snider broke the unhealthy information to Hardy, the actor was fully gutted.

“That hurt, that really hurt,” Hardy recalled. “I’d worn a blue shirt and jeans and a blue blazer and been doing my best Hugh Grant impression. But now I was back to playing the wonky skewiff-teeth kid with the bow legs.”

Hardy famous that Snider instructed him precisely why he didn’t land the half. Making an attempt to interrupt it gently, Snider instructed him “every woman in the world has an impression of who Darcy is and you’re just not it.”

Tom Hardy accepts that he’s ‘obviously not a romantic lead’

Whereas Succession star Macfadyen beat out Harden for the a part of Darcy in Pleasure & Prejudice, his journey in Hollywood has included an array of iconic roles. From the formidable Bane to the fierce Tom Conlon, he has carved out a outstanding profession. 

Curiously, Hardy admitted that delving into such narratives can typically be emotionally intense and difficult to completely discover. That is one purpose he tried to discover different, lighter, characters.

Sadly for Hardy, his plan didn’t work out. Other than the Pleasure & Prejudice debacle, Hardy did land a half within the 2012 romcom This Means Struggle. Evidently, Hardy didn’t get pleasure from his temporary stint on this planet of romance.

In an interview with LA Times, Hardy revealed that he now not seeks out romantic leads. After Pleasure & Prejudice and This Means Struggle, Hardy lastly realized these sorts of roles aren’t for him. 

“I was like, ‘Fair enough.’ I’m obviously not a romantic lead, so I’m not going to focus a lot of my attention on being something that I’m not,” he acknowledged. “I like to play people who’ve got a bit of range on them: a little bit of dark and a little bit of light.”

Matthew Macfadyen opens up about his iconic scene in ‘Pride & Prejudice’

All through the previous two centuries, Mr. Darcy has cemented his standing as some of the outstanding romantic figures in well-liked tradition. Numerous proficient actors have taken on the function through the years. This consists of Colin Firth and Sir Laurence Olivier. 

But, Macfadyen’s portrayal of Darcy within the 2005 adaptation possesses a number of distinctive qualities that make it actually stand out. Undoubtedly, some of the breathtaking and unforgettable moments from the movie is Darcy’s hand flex scene.

In talking concerning the scene, Macfadyen revealed that his character’s hand flex wasn’t within the unique script. In line with Collider, the actor revealed that director Joe Wright is the one who got here up with the thought.

“No, it’s credit to Joe, because he’s— I think, he doesn’t miss a trick, and he’s so alive to things, and he saw me do it in a rehearsal take and I remember him just going, ‘Get that!’ So they just did an extra shot on the hand,” Macfadyen defined.

Macfadyen went on to share his ideas about taking part in Darcy on the massive screens. The actor admitted that he apprehensive about getting the character proper, although we will all agree that he just about nailed it.

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