Tom Cruise Acted for Free in ‘Jerry Maguire,’ Was Paid for Other Job Duties

Actor Tom Cruise did much more than act in Jerry Maguire. He took on much more duty, which he would do on many different productions. Nonetheless, Cruise as soon as famous that he acted in Jerry Maguire for free, however that the cash he earned truly went towards one other job obligation that might increase the movie’s attain and success.

Tom Cruise has a status for taking up management

Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire | TriStar/Getty Images

Jerry Maguire writer/director Cameron Crowe went on Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing podcast, the place he talked about Cruise and different components of manufacturing. Nonetheless, the filmmaker was initially nervous about dropping all management over the course of the film as a result of Cruise holds such an enormous presence in each manufacturing he’s part of.

“Your friends take you aside and say, ‘When Tom Cruise says yes, you lose your power. You can’t do a thing. It just becomes a freight train that’s out of control, and it’s a Hollywood freight train and you’ll be lucky if you see the back of the caboose,’” Crowe recalled. “And you get terrified. And then Tom Cruise calls from England and says, ‘I read your script. I hope I’m the right guy. Let me come out and read it for you.’”

Crowe was completely shocked at Cruise’s response and stated, “Wait. You’re gonna come out here and read it? ‘Yeah,’ he said. ‘Why not know it’s right for both of us?’ And he was ‘that guy’ from the moment he got off the plane.”

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Crowe continued to Right here’s the Factor that Cruise by no means tried to vary the Jerry Maguire script. He turned an enormous a part of the group and needed to see the film finally succeed. The filmmaker was initially nervous that the viewers wouldn’t latch onto the movie and the studio felt the identical method. Viewers testing didn’t go very properly, however Cruise was decided to see Jerry Maguire be the largest success it may very well be.

“Tom … came from London to New York and said, ‘Boys, I’m gonna do some promotion,’” Crowe recalled. “And he started on a Monday, did Rosie, did Larry King, did everything … by the end of the week, our numbers were way high. He basically blew us a kiss, went back to England, and the movie opened.”

Crowe continued: “It was the brawn of him coming to say, ‘OK, guys, I act for free. This is what you pay me for. I’m going to give them everything I’ve got for this movie.’”

‘Jerry Maguire’ was an enormous achievement

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Cruise was finally an enormous a part of making Jerry Maguire as massive of successful because it turned. Nonetheless, it’s additionally due to the remainder of the group placing collectively a stable film that critics and audiences ate up. Jerry Maguire introduced in over $273 million on the worldwide field workplace towards a $50 million funds.

Jerry Maguire additionally managed to attain some consideration on the Academy Awards, together with for Cruise’s efficiency. The movie earned nominations for Finest Image, Finest Actor in a Main Position, Finest Movie Enhancing, and Finest Writing, Screenplay Written Immediately for the Display. Nonetheless, Cuba Gooding Jr. earned an Oscar win for Finest Actor in a Supporting Position.

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