This Star Helped George Harrison Write The Beatles’ ‘Something’


A Nineteen Sixties rock star taught George Harrison a musical trick that helped him write The Beatles’ “Something.” John Lennon stated that “Something” differed from all of George’s earlier compositions.

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The Beatles‘ “Something” is one of George Harrison’s masterpieces. He in all probability couldn’t have made it alone. One other Nineteen Sixties rock star taught George a musical trick that helped him write “Something.” John Lennon would later say that “Something” differed from all of George’s earlier compositions.

The Beatles’ ‘Something’ was impressed by somebody who was there with them in India

Donovan is a folks/psychedelic rock singer who turned well-known for Nineteen Sixties tunes comparable to “Atlantis,” “Hurdy Gurdy Man,” “Sunshine Superman,” “Mellow Yellow,” and “Season of the Witch.” He famously went on The Beatles’ journey to India to review meditation. Donovan’s personal website says that he taught George a descending chord sample that the Beatle would later use on the ballad “Something.”

Gold reviews that, throughout a 2024 interview with File Collector Journal, Donovan mentioned his affect on the “My Sweet Lord” singer. “I became George’s mentor for songwriting,” the Hurdy Gurdy Man recalled. “He was within the shadow of John and Paul for therefore a few years and I stated, ‘Look, I’ll present you a couple of tips, tips on how to encourage the songs.’

“There’s a way to encourage the song to come,” he added. “You can tease it, like fishing. I told him how to play a chord then put your ear on the guitar, listen to the open chord and try a tempo. You can hear melodies, believe it or not. Melodies appear, but you’ve got to be quick to catch them.”

Donovan had scary experiences just like The Beatles’

Whereas Donovan wasn’t as profitable as The Beatles (as a result of no person was), he discovered his personal share of fame. He didn’t like all the experiences that got here together with his notoriety. The “Catch the Wind” star needed to run away from his followers, evaluating that to a scene from A Onerous Day’s Evening. He felt that his notoriety was harmful at occasions.

“It was horrible,” Donovian opined. “During the big shows in America, the DJs would come on halfway through — in puce lemon green and bright red costumes — and ask if people were enjoying themselves. Then as soon as the last song was over, they’d turn the lights on, say goodnight, and get in their cars. And what would happen? The whole audience would swarm towards the stage. That became a big problem.”

What John Lennon stated about ‘Something’

The e-book All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono options an interview from 1980. In it, the “Imagine” singer stated “Something” was an essential milestone in George’s evolution as a songwriter. He felt that it was the primary tune George wrote that was adequate to qualify as an A-side slightly than a B-side. Correct to “Something,” George had written a few of The Beatles’ most beloved album tracks, comparable to “Within You Without You,” “Taxman,” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

Whereas John praised “Something,” he criticized the general public response to it. He felt that the Fab 4 had an unbelievable catalog, however radio programmers solely performed “Something,” “Let It Be,” “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Help!,” “Yesterday,” and some different songs. He was pleasantly stunned to listen to a DJ play “Glass Onion,” a deep reduce from The White Album.

“Something” is a superb tune and it wouldn’t be the identical with out Donovan.

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