This Rock Star Said Writing a Song for The Monkees Was the Highlight of His Career

Many well-known songwriters have written songs for The Monkees. For instance, the lead singer of a well-known Nineteen Nineties/2000s band wrote a single for them. He mentioned writing that music was the spotlight of his profession. As well as, he mentioned he wouldn’t be the similar if not for the Prefab 4.

The time a bunch of rock stars wrote songs for an album by The Monkees

Throughout their Sixties heyday, well-known songwriters like Neil Diamond, Carole King, and Gerry Goffin wrote songs for The Monkees. Lots of their later music didn’t have the similar type of songwriting pedigree. That modified with the launch of The Monkees’ 2016 album Good Occasions!

The songs from Good Occasions! have been largely written by rock stars who turned well-known after The Monkees debuted. Some of the well-known rockers who wrote songs for Good Occasions! are Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, Noel Gallagher of Oasis, and Paul Weller of The Jam. Ben Gibbard of Demise Cab for Cutie, an indie rock/pop band that debuted in the Nineteen Nineties and made a lot of its most well-known music in the 2000s, wrote a music for Good Occasions! referred to as “Me & Magdalena.”

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Why Ben Gibbard was so pleased he wrote a music for the Prefab 4

In keeping with NPR, Gibbard defined why The Monkees mattered a lot to him. “Before The Beatles, before The Velvet Underground and before punk and/or indie rock, The Monkees were the first band I truly loved,” Gibbard wrote. “Their albums were always on in our home when I was a kid (especially Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.), and I learned to sing alongside them.”

The Monkees’ present had an impression on Gibbard as properly. “I spent countless hours in front of the TV in the ’80s watching Monkees reruns wishing I could climb through the screen and be in the show with them,” Gibbard wrote. “They made being in a band seem so fun — and goddammit, it should be! For these reasons and a million others, I can say with absolutely zero hyperbole that contributing ‘Me & Magdalena’ to this album has been the greatest honor of my career.”

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How the world reacted to The Monkees’ ‘Good Times!’

The Monkees launched “Me & Magdalena” as a single. Regardless of this, it didn’t chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Good Occasions! was extra well-liked in the U.S., hitting No. 14 on the Billboard 200 and remaining on the chart for 4 weeks.

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“Me & Magdalena” was not a hit in the United Kingdom both. The Official Charts Company stories the music didn’t chart there in any respect. On the different hand, Good Occasions! was a minor hit in the U.Ok., peaking at No. 29 and staying on the chart for one week. “Me & Magdalena” was not a hit; nevertheless, it meant a lot to Gibbard.

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