‘The Voice’ Star Gwen Stefani Allegedly Convinced Blake Shelton to Get Botox, Source Claims

NBC’s The Voice Season 24 brings Gwen Stefani again as a coach after Blake Shelton selected to depart. The husband and spouse stay collectively in Oklahoma, and regardless of Shelton’s down-home, nation methods, Stefani admitted to loving make-up and glamour. A latest report suggests Stefani satisfied Shelton to get Botox, too. Right here’s what a supply alleged.

‘The Voice’ Season 24 coach Gwen Stefani allegedly pressured Blake Shelton into getting Botox

The Voice Season 24 coach Gwen Stefani adores dressing up for the cameras. The No Doubt frontwoman loves vogue and has her personal make-up line, GXVE Magnificence. Whereas her husband, Blake Shelton, doesn’t appear to care about vogue, Stefani allegedly satisfied him to get Botox injections.

“He may be an outdoors guy who likes the rugged life on the farm, but he hates the signs of aging like anybody else in Hollywood and has apparently been getting a few nip/tucks,” a supply shared with the Nationwide Enquirer, in accordance to Radar Online. The supply added that Stefani maintains her look with Botox and fillers, which she’s a “huge fan” of.

“She’s the one who convinced Blake he didn’t have to live with lines and wrinkles,” the supply added. “Now that he’s started doing it, he likes it, and he’s talking of getting more procedures done, like the facial rejuvenation that’s become so popular.”

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robert H. Cohen hasn’t handled Shelton or Stefani. However he famous that it appears to be like like Shelton obtained “well-placed Botox” that also makes the nation star look “age-appropriate.”

“If he’s had anything else done, he’s doing it very well,” Cohen added. “He looks natural. He looks like the superstar that he is!”

A plastic surgeon suggests Blake Shelton ‘may have gotten Botox’

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton | Douglas Gorenstein/NBCU Photograph Financial institution/NBCUniversal by way of Getty Photos by way of Getty Photos

Growing old as a celeb isn’t straightforward. However The Voice stars Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton handle it gracefully. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich informed The Sun that Shelton “may have gotten Botox,” however it’s not sufficient to make him look a lot totally different.

“Gwen’s a pop star, so her industry brings with it a lot of pressure to look young, trendy, and glamorous,” Westreich mentioned. “Whereas Blake’s a country music singer and has a specific brand, so it wouldn’t work well if he started to get really fancy. It’s highly possible that for a period, Blake was doing a little Botox for The Voice, but only on his forehead, which generally stops men from looking angry.”

Westreich then mentioned that based mostly on his personal expertise, Stefani possible made the appointment for Shelton, as Shelton in all probability didn’t search out Botox on his personal.

The nation famous person says he loves when his spouse doesn’t put on any make-up

We are able to’t know for certain whether or not The Voice stars Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton get Botox or fillers to preserve their youthful glow. However we do know that Shelton loves when Stefani doesn’t put on make-up.

“When she gets fixed up, she’s beautiful. There is no question about it,” the nation star informed People in 2017. “Her red lips are her signature, and so that’s why it got written into the song.” Nonetheless, “the Gwen that nobody gets to see is the one that you all should see,” he added. Shelton famous that Stefani appears to be like 25 years previous.

“I don’t know what kind of genetics God gave her, but it’s literally unbelievable!”

The Voice Season 24 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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