‘The Vampire Diaries’ Cast, Creators Once Admitted Why They’re Attracted to Vampires

The Vampire Diaries joined the vampire romance style launched by Twilight and True Blood in movie and tv. The love triangle between Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley), and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) saved viewers coming again for a lot of seasons and helped launch two spinoffs. So why do ladies love vampires a lot? The The Vampire Diaries solid and creators had some concepts.

L-R: Nina Dobrev, Kat Graham | Rick Diamond/Getty Photographs for Warner Bros

Dobrev, Katerina Graham, and Wesley have been on a Tv Critics Affiliation panel with producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec in 2009. All of them shared concepts in regards to the romantic reputation of vampires. The Vampire Diaries is streaming on HBO Max and Peacock.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ solid beloved vampires

Dobrev, Graham and Wesley spoke in regards to the enchantment of vampires. For The Vampire Diaries‘ feminine solid, vampires have been mysterious.

“I think it is the mystery, right?” Graham mentioned. “It’s the mystery.”

Dobrev added, “There is something about a man who lurks in the dark.”

In the event you’re not a vampire, don’t attempt lurking at nighttime stalking ladies. Wesley joked about how that sounds. 

“There is something about a man who lurks in the dark,” Wesley mentioned. “It’s a good thing.”

The producers of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ beloved vampires

Plec and Williamson had some perception into the enchantment of vampires, since they tailored The Vampire Diaries from L.J. Smith’s books. Plec thought vampires have been the final word dangerous boys just like the dreamboats of My So-Known as Life and Beverly Hills, 90210.

“To me in my head if Jordan Catalano was a vampire or Dylan McKay, that naughty-bad boy that you really want to consider, like in reference to Jordan, you need to consider there’s a lot happening behind these eyes. You need to consider that they’ve epic quantities of information and soul and spirituality and intelligence lurking behind these eyes. And in the actual males, you typically don’t get that. So in a vampire, simply by definition you’re getting the dangerous boy with the mind.

Williamson discovered himself drawn to vampires, too, even when they weren’t from his present.

“At The CW party, Nina and I stalked Eric from True Blood,” Williamson mentioned. “We just stalked him. I thought he was southern.”

Alexander Skarsgard performed Eric on True Blood. Dobrev mentioned he was not in Eric mode on the celebration. 

“He was cool,” Dobrev mentioned. “We hung out with him. He was a cool guy. It was nice.  But he is really method. He wouldn’t get out of his accent, he was doing some movie. He was shooting a movie and he wouldn’t get out of his accent.”

Vampires aren’t going anyplace 

The Vampire Diaries wasn’t the start of the vampire craze, nor was it the top. The Vampire Diaries universe itself continued with The Originals and Legacies, and we’re nonetheless seeing new vampire tales. Renfield comes out this 12 months. 

“It’s not really a fad,” Dobrev mentioned. “It’s timeless. Don’t you guys agree? It’s timeless. Vampires, they don’t die. They’re always around. They’re eternal. And it just seems like right now, people are really responding, and they really like it.”

Williamson remembered your father’s vampires.

“Everything is cyclical,” Williamson mentioned. “When I think of The Lost Boys, I get all excited, you know. And I think of Near Dark. So I mean, I have great, fond memories of that. I hope maybe we’re building that for this generation.”

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