The Surprising Reason We Eat Turkey On Thanksgiving

On the subject of Thanksgiving, individuals all throughout America have one meals merchandise on their minds: turkey. It’s the primary dish of just about everybody’s Thanksgiving meal, however the cause that’s the case isn’t precisely widespread information.

What Did The Pilgrims Eat At The First Thanksgiving?

Many assume that the pilgrims ate turkey on the well-known first feast that befell in 1621. According to The Smithsonian, nonetheless, it’s extra seemingly the group dined on venison, offered by hunters from the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. 

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So, if turkey wasn’t served on the primary Thanksgiving, then why will we eat it yearly?

Ken Albala, a professor of history at the University of the Pacific, said, “There was a tradition of serving large wildfowl in medieval Europe, especially peacock, which was skinned, cooked, and resewn into its feathers for presentation.”

He continued, “When turkeys from America and Guinea Fowl from Africa were introduced [to America] in the 17th century, they were served the same way.”

Turkeys weren’t indigenous to North America on the time of the primary Thanksgiving, however as soon as they have been launched to the setting, they turned an amazing supply of protein.

Why We Eat Turkey On The Vacation

Turkeys are bigger than chickens, geese, or geese, making them a greater possibility with regards to serving a big group. Moreover, killing turkeys for such a extensively celebrated feast makes extra sense than utilizing one other animal; cattle present milk and different fowl present eggs. Turkeys solely present meat. 

In 1870, Thanksgiving was made into an official nationwide vacation, and roast turkey was extensively thought-about the official dish of the event. This was principally due to using photos and descriptions of turkey in well-liked tradition. 

For instance, in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the characters dine on a turkey as an alternative of the standard goose. One other well-liked guide, Northwood: A Story of New England, additionally described a Thanksgiving meal that included turkey. 

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In the present day, turkey is part of virtually everybody’s Thanksgiving celebrations, however many put their very own spin on the dish. From cooking strategies to seasoning to facet dishes, every household’s tackle turkey is a little bit completely different.

The first pilgrims won’t have dined on turkey, however the meals merchandise is now without end linked with our Thanksgiving meals.  

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