‘The Moment Friends Become Lovers’

Whereas Hospital Playlist had many romantic storylines and moments followers loved, the connection between Lee Ik-jun (Jo Jung-suk) and Chae Seong-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) was astounding to see develop within the Korean drama. The 2 characters have been finest associates since faculty. In season 1, followers study Ik-jun has emotions for Music-hwa. However Music-hwa is afraid to damage what they’ve.

Season 2 The most effective-friends-turned-lovers trope is usually seen in Okay-dramas, however Hospital Playlist created a extra life like and heartwarming storyline to observe. Director Shin Gained-ho appears to be like again on the romance after the drama’s conclusion. He explains the important thing was having the characters and followers fall in love little by little.

Ik-Jun and Music-Hwa in ‘Hospital Playlist’ Okay-drama | through tvN

Followers watched Ik-jun and Music-Hwa fall in love in ‘Hospital Playlist’

Since season 1 of Hospital Playlist, followers have been greater than conscious of the principle characters’ inseparable bond. However, there was all the time a special dynamic between Ik-jun and Music-hwa. Music-hwa is the one feminine character within the pal group however all the time had a mother-like persona. Because the season developed, Ik-jun and Music-hwa’s storylines begin to change.

Ik-jun first admits his romantic emotions towards Music-hwa in season 1 in his kitchen. The scene takes place whereas it’s raining and completely set the stage for them. They all the time had a behavior of watching the rain collectively. However every character all the time places their friendship earlier than their emotions, and Ik-jun’s admittance stuns Music-hwa. She stays conflicted over his emotions for her however by no means outright denies them. As an alternative, she prefers to not damage their friendship.

Season 2 is when their story takes probably the most vital flip. After the Hospital Playlist hiatus, episode 11 marked the second associates grow to be lovers. Ik-jun is the sufferer of an assault and was taken to Yulje Medical Heart. The traumatic occasions lead Music-hwa to confront her emotions. Days later, Music-hwa confesses to Ik-jun she want to give in to their emotions and share their first kiss.

Director Shin Gained-ho expresses Ik-Jun and Music-hwa’s key second needed to be life like

Greatest associates who begin a relationship occurs in on a regular basis life, not simply in Okay-dramas. In keeping with Soompi, Shin elaborated on Ik-jun and Music-hwa’s pivotal automotive scene within the rain. He explains, “The moment friends become lovers, there are definitely emotions that are difficult to overcome.” The second was an enormous stepping stone for Music-hwa. Whereas fully conscious of Ik-Jun’s emotions, it was as much as her whether or not or to not pursue them. The episode additionally revealed Music-hwa additionally had emotions for Ik-jun since faculty.

Music-hwa takes the plunge to inform Ik-jun the reality and even refuses to look him within the eye. There was a motive for this. In keeping with Shin, the second needed to be convincing, therefore why it’s a two-minute-long scene. “In the process of these two going from friends to lovers, there had to be that long pause so that viewers would also feel that suffocating air and atmosphere and be convinced to think, ‘That’s right, I think it must feel like that,” mentioned Shin.

Shin additional defined the scene was important as two individuals who have been associates for 20 years turning into a pair couldn’t be glossed over in a brief second. The scene was palpable because it was the proper situation that described the couple. They sit within the rain consuming espresso, and Music-hwa tells Ik-jun not to have a look at her as she confesses. Ik-jun tries to carry in his smile till giving her his reply and sealing it with a kiss.

‘Hospital Playlist’s’ different major {couples} had a deep and relatable which means

Ik-jun and Music-hwa’s relationship was not the one focal couple within the Okay-drama. Gyeo-ul (Shin Hyun-been) and Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok) bought collectively within the final episode of season 1 and had been the central romance. Shin shifted their story to be extra profound in season 2 with key moments. “I think I wanted to show a lot of how good they are for each other and how warm and beautiful they are when they lean on one another,” defined Shin.

One of the heartbreaking romances to observe on display was between Ik-sun (Kwak Solar-young) and Jun-wan (Jung Kyung-ho). Their romance was tantalizing since Ik-sun is Ik-jun’s youthful sister. However the couple was additionally probably the most life like when it got here to like.

Jun-wan is hopelessly in love whereas Ik-sun lived overseas. However his coronary heart is damaged when she breaks up with him. Season 2 fleshed out their pent-up emotions for one another and the true motive why Ik-sun lied of their breakup. She thought she was a burden on his already hectic life.

“I hoped that the realistic conflict in their relationship, the relatable worries arising from long-distance relationships, the confusion and misunderstandings that inevitably arise from career-related situations, breaking up, but their desperation to move forward despite all that,” defined Shin.

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