The Heartbreaking Tragedy Behind The First Person To Survive Going Over Niagara Falls

For hundreds of years, individuals have been making an attempt to outlive a visit over Niagara Falls. The first lady to attain this feat and survive was a lady named Annie Edson Taylor. Nevertheless, regardless of making a reputation for herself within the stunt world, the remainder of Taylor’s life was something however joyful. 

Annie Edson Taylor’s Resolution To Go Over Niagara Falls

In 1829, a person named Sam Patch jumped from a excessive tower into the physique of water the falls flows into. He survived the leap, which kickstarted a protracted custom of individuals making an attempt to go over Niagara Falls in more and more unusual methods. 

By 1900, Taylor, a widowed American schoolteacher, had fallen on onerous occasions. She determined the one means for her to make sufficient cash to reside on and restore her lifestyle was to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Taylor used a barrel product of oak and iron after which padded with cushions and a leather-based harness for defense to make the journey over the waterfall in. 

(Francis J. Petrie {Photograph} Assortment, Public area, by way of Wikimedia Commons)

Her journey was delay a number of occasions, as nobody wished to be thought-about an adjunct in what may have very nicely ended as a suicide. Two days earlier than Taylor’s deliberate journey, she and her crew supposedly did a test-run with a cat to see if the barrel would break. In keeping with the story, the cat survived and signaled that Taylor was able to make the leap. Nevertheless, Canadian historian Patrick Sirianni wrote a fascinating piece about Taylor’s trip that identified that not one of the press on the time referred to a cat on any of the group’s a number of journeys on the rivers.

She Survived The Journey With Simply One Damage

On October 24, 1901—her 63rd birthday—Taylor traveled to the highest of the falls to hold out the harmful stunt. She climbed into her barrel with solely her fortunate heart-shaped pillow for security. The lid was screwed shut and a buddy used a bicycle pump to pressurize the barrel. 

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The barrel was set unfastened and Taylor went over Niagara Falls. The barrel was discovered round 20 minutes after she went over and, in keeping with legend, Taylor was almost unhurt apart from a small gash on her brow. Extra private reviews, as Sirianni discovered, point out that Taylor suffered a extra severe head wound and exhibited indicators of what would now in all probability be thought-about a severe concussion within the days after the journey.

The Stunt Was Not A Cash-Maker

Though Taylor did the stunt to boost cash for herself, she by no means discovered the wealth she had been chasing. Taylor earned some cash doing public talking engagements about her journey and wrote a memoir, however she reportedly spent most of her financial savings on non-public detectives after her supervisor stole her barrel and disappeared. 

Taylor spent her closing years taking photos with vacationers at a stand in Niagara Falls and dealing as a clairvoyant and performer of magnetic therapeutic therapies. She handed away in 1921, penniless and in horrible well being, which she reportedly blamed on her traumatic Niagara expertise. As she herself mentioned to the press after rising from the barrel again in 1901, “If it was with my dying breath, I would caution anyone against attempting the feat … I would sooner walk up to the mouth of a cannon, knowing it was going to blow me to pieces than make another trip over the fall.”

Whereas Taylor will without end be remembered for being the primary particular person to outlive a visit over Niagara Falls in a barrel, her daredevil stunt was not the money-maker she thought it could be and presumably prematurely ended her life. Hopefully, her legacy can reside on as a testomony to her bravery and willpower.

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