The First Time Dolly Parton Realized Boys Were Interested in Her

The first time Dolly Parton realized boys had been in her was at a pie supper. To her delight, she introduced fairly the favored pie. That evening, the “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” singer additionally realized a lesson in manners. Right here’s the complete story. 

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Dolly Parton introduced a well-liked pie to the pie supper

When Parton “got to the stage where I was growing out of my tomboy years and starting to take an interest in boys,” she discovered herself invited to a pie supper. A pie supper is an occasion that has every woman bake a pie (Parton’s mom baked hers) and convey it to the social. Then the pies are auctioned off to the boys who bid the very best. The boy who buys the pie then sits with the woman who made it they usually share it collectively. 

“It was a sweet old country custom, and I guess it was a way of getting around shyness,” Parton wrote in her first memoir, Dolly: My Life and Different Unfinished Enterprise. “It was a lot easier for a boy to act like he really wanted a certain pie than it was for him to admit he was interested in the girl who came with it.”

Parton went to the pie supper along with her lifelong buddy Judy Ogle. The “Coat of Many Colors” singer’s pie was in the end purchased by a boy named Dewey King, however he had some competitors first.  

“I don’t remember how much he paid for it, but I do remember he had to bid against a couple of other boys for it,” wrote Parton. “This was the first indication I can remember that boys were interested in me, and I was touched by that. Although I’m not quite sure where. Dewey seemed determined to have my pie at any price, and I was impressed by that as well. He had a twin sister, and they both had snow-white hair. He was the prettiest thing you’d ever want to see.”

Dolly Parton’s lesson in manners 

Additionally on the pie supper was a cute younger trainer named Bud Messer who Parton thought very extremely of—”he appeared to be such a superb gentleman.” He at all times tried to show his college students manners and social abilities.

As Parton and King sat and loved their pie, Messer came visiting to their desk to affix them. He tried to discreetly inform Parton to chew along with her mouth closed. 

“It’s nice for the young ladies to chew with their mouths closed,” he mentioned quietly. 

“I was a little embarrassed, but I was also proud that I had learned something,” wrote Parton. “I felt so grown up that I could sit there and eat like a lady.”

Dolly Parton in a cowgirl hat.
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The singer tried to show her household to chew with their mouths closed

After the pie supper ended, Parton was excited—enthusiastic about how the night had gone and to get residence and relay what she had realized from her trainer. 

“I was anxious to get home so that I could tell the other kids, even the ones older than I was,” she wrote. “I felt like it was my duty to help bring them the finer things in life. None of us Partons had ever had any table manners. We would sit at the table and smack our food like a bunch of possums in a mulberry bush.”

However when Parton acquired the chance to relay what she had realized on the pie supper, she jumbled her phrases.  

“I had learned that I was not supposed to talk with food in my mouth and that I was supposed to chew with my mouth closed. When I became the teacher rather than the student, it came out as ‘You’re never supposed to chew with food in your mouth,’” she wrote.

The Parton household had a great snicker at that. 

The “Down From Dover” singer may not have been capable of educate her household to chew with their mouths closed, however she felt assured in her new data of easy methods to “eat like a lady,” particularly now that she knew boys had been in her.

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