The Director That Tom Hardy Once Rubbed the Wrong Way

Inception actor Tom Hardy has collaborated with a number of filmmakers over the years. However due to his character, the actor admitted there was one filmmaker he didn’t get together with earlier in his profession.

Nicolas Winding Refn forged Tom Hardy in ‘Bronson’

Tom Hardy | Dave J Hogan/Getty Photographs

In 2008, Oscar-nominee Tom Hardy was forged as the titular character in the critically acclaimed biographical movie Bronson. The film adopted real-life prisoner Charles Bronson who was as soon as generally known as Britain’s most violent legal.

Getting the forged proper for Refn’s undertaking proved to be a difficult ordeal for the director. At first he tried to recruit Hobbs and Shaw star Jason Statham for the function. However Statham politely declined the alternative.

“I really tried to get Jason, but he loved our meeting and then got the script and was like ‘yeah man, I don’t know what to tell you.’ And it was a shame because at that time, getting Jason Statham in a movie like this was gonna make you a millionaire, but it didn’t turn out that way which was probably the right thing to do,” Refn as soon as mentioned in an interview with IndieWire.

He additionally met with different actors like Man Pearce who additionally turned down the function. Finally, the director would land on Hardy. However with a purpose to work collectively, the two needed to recover from their mutual dislike for one another.

Nicolas Winding Refn and Tom Hardy didn’t like one another once they first labored collectively

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Refn initially turned down Hardy for the function after first assembly the actor. This was largely as a consequence of their personalities clashing.

“I don’t drink alcohol and he was an ex-alcoholic, and we met at a wine bar in London which is the worst place you could meet in. And I don’t think we very much liked each other, so that was that,” Refn mentioned.

However after a tough time discovering the proper actor for Bronson, the Drive director determined to fulfill Hardy a second time. Because of their second assembly, the two ended up working collectively. However the Warrior star asserted they have been nonetheless argumentative on set.

“We just rubbed each other the wrong way and continued to rub each other the wrong way,” Hardy as soon as confided to Interview Magazine.

At the time, nevertheless, Hardy discovered to work with Refn regardless of their rigidity.

“Yeah, it’s often the way with collaborations when you work with desperately individual people and then put them together as a team there are going to be fireworks or disgruntlement and we had our fair share of disagreements, but having said that I loved working with Nic and I would love to work with him again,” Hardy continued. “I know that I’m going to have an argument with him, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He challenges me and I like to think I challenge him.”

Tom Hardy as soon as shared he had no plans of working with Nicolas Winding Refn ever once more

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The Venom actor may need modified his thoughts a bit on the matter of working alongside Refn. In a 2014 Reddit AMA, Hardy was requested if he ever noticed himself working with the filmmaker after doing Bronson. Hardy didn’t mince phrases together with his response.

“No, I don’t plan on ever doing any work with Refn again, I think he’s better off where he is, doing well without me,” he acknowledged.

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