‘The Basement Yard’ Podcast Went Viral Over a Pop-Tart Debate, but Hosts Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez, Have a Ton of Other Food-Related Opinions

The Basement Yard podcast went viral on TikTok in October 2022. The comedy podcast, hosted by lifelong mates Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez, has lots of of episodes, but listeners discovered an alternate about Pop-Tarts to be particularly humorous. Whereas the nice Pop-Tart debate of 2022 was actually hilarious, in case you dig a bit deeper into the podcast, you’ll discover that the co-hosts have had a couple of battle over common meals gadgets. We’ve collected a couple of the perfect examples. 

Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez argue over Pop-Tarts on ‘The Basement Yard’ 

In early October, TikToker, Ashley_Tropea supplied commentary on an argument Santagato and Alvarez had over Pop-Tarts. Within the clip, the person notes that the “build” of the argument made it particular. Followers agreed. The video has amassed 21 million views. The clip went so viral that Today coated the story. 

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So, precisely what was the controversy about? The dialog began calmly with Santagato asking Alvarez what his favourite Pop-Tarts taste was. Alvarez famous that he preferred strawberry frosted Pop-Tarts. Santagato discovered the reply unacceptable, stating it was a “basic” reply. From there, issues went off the rails. Alvarez then mentioned his precise favourite taste was a restricted version Pop-Tart that was launched in 2002 along side the Spider-Man film, a lot to the chagrin of Santagato. Based on CBR, the “Frosted Spidey-Berry” taste was very a lot a actual factor. An extended argument between Santagato and Alvarez ensued. Whereas it had followers speaking, it was removed from the co-hosts’ first meals debate. 

Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez have argued about meals on the podcast many occasions earlier than

A month after The Basement Yard went viral for the Pop-Tart debate, Santagato and Alvarez discovered themselves embroiled in one more meals battle. This time, the co-hosts argued over what sorts of meats depend as meat when added to a sandwich. In episode 369, “It’s Been Pee The Whole Time,” tempers flared when Alvarez shared that his most popular sandwich at Queens’ sandwich establishment, Sal, Kris & Charlie’s Deli, was prosciutto and contemporary mozzarella topped with oil, vinegar, and oregano. Santagato, whose most popular sandwich, the well-known but extremely gluttonous the bomb, argued that Alvarez’s sandwich “sucked” as a result of there wasn’t sufficient meat. The argument continued when Santagato disparaged BLTs, claiming that bacon is a “supplemental meat.” 

Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez | Santagato Studios/YouTube

2022 is much from the primary time the perfect mates battled over their meals preferences. In September 2020, Santagato and Alvarez got down to have a whole dialogue about cereal. In episode 258, “What’s Your Favorite Cereal?” all the pieces was civil sufficient till Santagato admitted it had been years since he often ate cereal. The disclosure set Alvarez off. He accused Santagato of “betraying” the cereal neighborhood. Santagato argued that the recipe hadn’t modified since he final ate cereal; subsequently, he nonetheless had the authority to talk on the subject. 

Joe Santagato during a 2018 rpisode of 'The Basement Yard,' a weekly comedy podcast
Joe Santagato | The Basement Yard / YouTube

The co-hosts have additionally argued over quick meals and sweet earlier than Alvarez grew to become the present’s official co-host. A 2018 episode led to a disagreement between Alvarez, Santagato, and former co-host, Danny LoPriore, over Twizzlers and Sizzling Tamales. 

How one can take heed to ‘The Basement Yard’ 

Joe Santagato rose to fame on YouTube for his “Idiots of the Internet” collection. Since then, Santagato has moved to podcasting. He has hosted The Basement Yard since 2015. In August 2020, Frank Alvarez joined the podcast as co-host. He changed former co-host, Danny LoPriore. 

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Santagato and Alvarez are childhood mates. Most comedy podcast episodes embrace tales from their early lives in Astoria, Queens. New episodes are posted each Monday on all podcasting platforms. Weekly episodes are additionally uploaded to the podcast’s YouTube Channel. Unique content material and early-release episodes are supplied to Patreon subscribers. 

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