Tariq and Effie Are Very Similar

Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) shall be in a really completely different mindset when Energy E book II: Ghost returns for season 3. Although he’s seeking to get out of the drug sport, he’s nonetheless reeling from the demise of his ex-girlfriend Lauren Baldwin (Paige Hurd). Whereas he thinks he can rely on his lover and buddy, Effie Morales (Alix Lapri) she has her personal darkish secrets and techniques.

Effie and Tariq have an extended historical past. In reality, they’re very related.

Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick and Alix Lapri as Effie Morales in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ | Starz

Followers will study much more about Effie in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 3

When followers have been launched to Effie in Energy Season 6 when she attended faculty with Tariq and Brayden (Gianni Paolo), it was clear that she got here from an impoverished background. She revealed that she was attending Choate on scholarship, and Tariq seen her outdated sneakers and cracked cellular phone.

Although she acquired into promoting medication, she initially labored on the campus bookstore. “Effie’s mom is a mess. But I’ll tell you about that later,” Energy Universe creator Courtney Kemp revealed in a 2020 Instagram Live. “And if you guys remember, close readers of the series, Effie’s brother is dead. He was murdered, so keep that in mind.”

Although there’s a lot followers don’t learn about Effie, it must be famous that her brother was killed in a theft gone mistaken.

Tariq and Effie are very related in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Although they arrive from drastically completely different backgrounds, Tariq and Effie have a lot in frequent. They each misplaced siblings and had a strained relationship with at the least one mum or dad. Furthermore, they’re each now navigating their lives as younger adults with out the steering of their households. “They kind of understand each other,” Rainey instructed TV Fanatic. “I feel like out of everyone in Tariq’s universe, Effie is the one that understands him the most. She understands him more than he understands himself. So just seeing them and her trying to be there for him.”

Lapri had her on tack on the bond between Tariq and Effie. “I guess it’s a little bit like if you’ve ever had a toxic ex, and sometimes you guys just probably aren’t good for each other at times, but then it’s just like, “Ooh… But…”

Followers suppose Effie and Tariq will find yourself collectively

Followers nonetheless consider that she and Tariq may find yourself collectively. In spite of everything, their similarities make them two peas in a pod. “Angela saw positive in Ghost which is a big part of the reason why he chose her over Tasha,” a Redditor stated by way of Express. “As far as we know right now, Lauren seems to be the only positive one over Effie and Diana. Effie is mainly the balance but Lauren just tends to be more on the positive side. Yes, we are only coming into season 2 but I can see this playing out. So basically, I’m saying Effie will be the long-run relationship, but Lauren will be the winner in the end.”

Sadly, it’s unlikely that Tariq will ever forgive Effie for killing Lauren as soon as he learns the reality. Lapri has hinted that Ghost Season 3 will showcase a large change of their relationship. “Yeah, um, not good,” Lapri stated on The Wayne Ayers Podcast about Effie and Tariq’s relationship in season 3. “Not particularly the best. I think that he will be like, ‘Tasha, I’ve just lost the love of my life.’ Like back in OG Power days, that’s literally what this situation is like.”

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