Tabloid Claims Ben Affleck Supposedly ‘Having A Very Hard Time’ With Jennifer Lopez Amid Wedding Planning

Ever since information broke of Bennifer 2.0’s engagement, there’s been continuous gossip about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s second shot at their large day. One rumor says that Affleck is being dragged alongside and compelled into what might be an sad wedding ceremony. Right here’s what we all know.

‘Henpecked’ Ben Affleck Compelled Into Wedding?

A current version of the Globe says in a daring headline that Ben Affleck’s truly being “frog-marched down the aisle” towards his will by Jennifer Lopez. In a collection of slams, the outlet says that the Argo star “is moaning he’s being railroaded into an early knot-tie with [his] demanding fiancee.” Lopez, supposedly in full wedding ceremony planner mode, is outwardly pushing Affleck to scrub up his look and get his affairs so as as quickly as doable. “J.Lo still wants the big flashy ceremony down the line, but before that she wants a small one to get the formalities out of the way,” a snitch provides. “And she’s told Ben there’s no weaseling out of it.” 

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“Ben’s going along with it but he’s feeling steamrollered,” the supply explains. “It’s his preference to wait and do this properly, and the way Jennifer’s handling the whole affair is way too aggressive and intense.” Making issues worse is the couple’s reportedly brutal schedule. “Every day is jam-packed for them right now and Ben’s having a very hard time keeping up with it all,” one other insider claims. “Besides the wedding planning, there’s also the issue of a prenup to figure out. And their house-hunting hasn’t gone smoothly and he’s also got Jennifer reading him the riot act about getting into shape and having his huge back tattoo lasered off.”

What’s Going On With Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding?

There are loads of questions we’ve with this weirdly detailed narrative, however right here’s the most important: If it’s this essential to tie the knot in a small ceremony as quickly as doable, why haven’t they accomplished it but? If Ben Affleck is as henpecked as this outlet makes him out to be, then absolutely there’d have been extra information of the marriage within the two months for the reason that engagement.

As a substitute, there’s been relative silence from the couple about their eventual large day, which is sensible on condition that Affleck and Lopez have very said that the media circus surrounding their first engagement had a significant half of their cut up. Issues have been low-key so far as wedding ceremony planning goes for the 2 A-list superstars with massively busy schedules.

Extra importantly, there’s nonetheless the matter of our different questions. Why would Affleck be making an attempt to weasel out of something associated to his engagement after he was the one that proposed to Lopez in the first place? Why would Lopez all of the sudden now be demanding laser tattoo elimination for one thing he’s had their complete relationship? Who’s calling the beefiest Batman that’s Ben Affleck “out of shape?” If Affleck may tangle with the mess that was Justice League, why would wedding ceremony planning throw him out of whack? The truth is that Affleck and Lopez are fortunately renting, utilizing authorized groups to kind out something difficult, and persevering with to mix their households. 

Ben Affleck Is An Simple Goal

The Globe appears to like arising with methods to color Ben Affleck as some type of troubled soul with a damaged relationship. It claimed that Affleck was truly too in form just some months in the past for the Justice League sequel—as a substitute, Affleck was as regular as he’s now with zero plans for any sequel. Earlier this yr, he was apparently fairly removed from henpecked when he was supposedly raging over Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with one in every of her co-stars. Neither of these bogus tales received any point out on this latest one, and we doubt this equally nonsensical frog-marching story will probably be talked about within the subsequent rumor both. 

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