Sydney Sweeney Upgraded Her Ice Rolling Face Routine

Sydney Sweeney swears by ice rolling. The in-demand actor has shared many instances that giving her face a very good dose of ice is an important a part of her on a regular basis routine. Contemplating her demanding schedule, frequent travels, and the way a lot make-up she has to put on when she’s working, ice rolling holds many advantages for her. Not solely does the actor use it as a pick-me-up, however it’s additionally a wellness behavior, and a method to make her delicate pores and skin really feel nourished. However Sweeney has upgraded her ice-rolling routine lately.

Sydney Sweeney | Eddy Chen/HBO

Sydney Sweeney makes use of ice rolling to wake her up within the mornings

Since Sweeney doesn’t drink espresso (or any beverage aside from water), she will’t depend on caffeine to maintain her awake. As an alternative, she makes use of sugar as a method to maintain her vitality up. In a pinch, she’s additionally recognized to depend on ice rolling to perk her up within the mornings. In an April 2022 interview with Allure, the Euphoria actor obtained candid about her morning routine.

“I ice roll,” Sweeney declared whereas doing the gesture on digicam. “And if you see me ever driving to set like this, it’s ’cause it’s an early call time. So, I bring this everywhere I go. It’s just an ice roller, I got off of Amazon, and I live by it. It just wakes me up. I feel like it makes my skin feel good and takes away any puffiness. And I just, literally, ice roll. I could do this for a really long time. I make sure I get both sides and my jawline. And I just leave this in my freezer. I have multiple in my freezer, just in case I leave one on set, and I put one on set in my trailer refrigerator.”

The actor lately upgraded her skincare routine

However Sweeney’s ice-rolling routine appears to have gotten an improve within the 9 months since. In a brand new interview with Allure, the Emmy-nominated actor shared that she has now added aloe to her ice-rolling routine. The MMA fighter buys natural aloe gel and mixes it with water earlier than freezing it and making use of it to her face. “I have this cool little cube thing that looks like a ball,” Sweeney shared. “You mix the aloe with water and put it inside, then freeze it. I like to do a cold ice massage on my face in the morning.”

Each product Cassie Howard utilized in her 4 AM magnificence routine belonged to Sweeney

Sweeney’s love of ice rolling has even bled into a few of her characters. Euphoria followers received’t quickly overlook Cassie’s early morning each day routine that she utilized to attempt to impress Nate Jacobs. Seems, Sweeney is to thank for all of the merchandise that her character used on the present. “You might have seen Cassie do this on her crazy 4:00 AM beauty routine,” Sweeney shared whereas ice rolling. “It’s because those products were actually my products that I brought from home, and I went crazy with them. This is the actual ice roller I used in the show. It’s a very popular ice roller.”

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