Stevie Nicks Said Every 1 of Her Ex-Boyfriends Couldn’t ‘Deal With the Jealousy’ 

Stevie Nicks has many well-known ex-boyfriends, together with two of her Fleetwood Mac bandmates, Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood. Nicks stated there was a typical thread in her previous relationships – none of her companions may deal with “the jealousy.” Right here’s what the singer shared about her previous loves.

In Her Own Words). “I will never be able to stay with anyone really long, because there will always come a point when they say, ‘I can’t deal with your life.’”

Stevie Nicks stated her ex-boyfriends couldn’t ‘deal with the jealousy’

The Fleetwood Mac singer stated her life-style of touring for months at a time made it inconceivable to keep up a relationship.

“I mean, everybody that I’ve ever gone with in my life – rich rock & roll stars, poor guys that didn’t have a penny, guys in completely other businesses – they finally just look at me and say, ‘I really love you, and if you were ever around, that would continue,” Stevie Nicks informed Us Magazine in 1990. “‘But I don’t ever get to see you, and I can’t dig the way that you live. I can’t deal with the jealousy, I can’t deal with the fact that the whole world seems to be more important to you than I am.’”

She stated it made her unhappy to assume that jealousy was all the time why her relationships ended. “I’ve had many really wonderful relationships, but they always seem to end up in that bag,” Nicks stated. “That’s the saddest part for me, I think.”

The Fleetwood Mac star stated even the ex-boyfriends in her trade have been ‘jealous’ and ‘resentful’

Stevie Nicks stated she may put all the males she’s ever dated into two classes. These relationships all the time ended as a result of of her profession, however for various causes.

“If I look back over all the men in my life, there’s the first category: those are the great loves. They didn’t understand,” she stated in a 2015 interview with Maclean’s. “Even if they were in the business, they were jealous and they were resentful and had a hard time with my life and they didn’t like all my friends. They didn’t like the fact that the witches of the canyon were around all the time.”

However she discovered it arduous to attach with the males who supported her profession. “The next category were men who really liked me, guys who trusted me – they were not the least bit resentful of what I did when I was on tour,” Nicks described. “They would say, ‘Bye, keep in touch, have a good time, be great on stage and maybe I’ll fly out and see you some weekend,’ but we didn’t connect in other ways because my life, my career, just got bigger.”

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