Some Cookout Members Are Open to Splitting the Prize Money

The Huge Brother prize cash was raised for season 23. Members of The Cookout discuss the prize cash with one another and if they’d need to break up it. 

The Cookout made it to the six collectively on ‘Big Brother’

Tiffany Mitchell, Azah Awasum, Hannah Chaddha, Kyland Younger, Derek Frazier, and Xavier Prather agreed to look out for one another in the recreation. As well as, Tiffany then got here up with the plan of working with folks outdoors of the alliance to use as pawns.

After that, The Cookout began taking out their pawns or used them to do their soiled work. Consequently, they made it to the ultimate six. They talked about how large of an accomplishment that is given there has but to be a Black winner of Huge Brother. After working collectively, they’ve made positive that can occur this season.

That prize cash is getting nearer and the houseguests are speaking about it. Some of them talked about if they’d break up the cash if they may.

Some Cookout members are open to splitting the prize cash

‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest, Derek Frazier | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Pictures

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Derek was speaking to Tiffany and Hannah about the prize cash after the veto ceremony on Sept. 13 on the live feeds. “It’s such a weird situation. And we were saying like if there was an opportunity for us to like go into DR and they were like ‘Do you want to split it or do you want to keep it all for yourself?’” Derek mentioned. “Or like keep going in the game,” Hannah prompt. Tiffany, Derek, and Hannah mentioned they’d select to break up it. 

“I wouldn’t even question it,” Derek mentioned. Tiffany famous that will be round $100,000 for everybody. “Whoever wins might still like-” Derek began however Tiffany advised him he can’t say that. He then hinted that if he received folks would get a pleasant “letter” in the mail. Tiffany clarified folks can’t make offers in the home with the prize cash.

Derek talked about giving somebody who positioned sixth cash once more with Xavier. “I would still send them something like even if it’s the same as fifth if that makes sense,” Derek F mentioned.

“I don’t think you’re allowed to say that because then it seems like you’re colluding with the jury,” Xavier advised him. “To say ‘hey, you vote for me.’ It’s like you’re bribing the jury. You can’t say that. But I get what you’re saying.”

Will they really break up the ‘Big Brother’ prize cash?

It’s powerful to name how critical Derek actually is about this. It’s attainable he would possibly see it’s much less doubtless he’ll win so he’s throwing this concept on the market to different houseguests. Or the former allies are literally open to sharing the prize cash. However there’s clearly a Huge Brother rule that they’ll’t use the prize cash to bribe the jury, and it’s unlikely they’ll maintain speaking about gifting cash to one another in the event that they win.

For now, the houseguests are nonetheless preventing to win. Kyland put Tiffany and Hannah on the block as a result of he’s working with Xavier. He hopes to make it to the finish with Xavier and their duo known as “The Gentleman.” Kyland and Xavier are in a profitable place in the recreation presently, and neither of them has talked about splitting the prize cash.

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