‘Sister Wives’ Fans Fly off the Handle, Call Robyn Brown ‘Unappreciative’ and ‘Ungrateful’ After Janelle and Meri Spill How They’ve Supported Her Lavish Lifestyle

Sister Wives followers are flying off the deal with over the main tea Meri, and Janelle Brown spilled throughout episode 12 of season 17, “Life After Polygamy.” The ladies made it clear their earnings financed Robyn Brown‘s lavish lifestyle. In turn, viewers took to social media to call Kody Brown‘s fourth wife “unappreciative” and “ungrateful,” claiming her home and family are the biggest drains on the Brown’s earnings.

Janelle, Robyn, and Meri Brown | TLC/YouTube

Janelle Brown blew the Brown family’s monetary facade broad open in episode 12

Throughout the latter a part of episode 12, the focus was on Janelle and her want to construct on the household’s Coyote Cross property. Her frustration towards Kody was evident as she admitted in a confessional he was utilizing her funds and shopping for energy to get what he needed.

“He’s not listening at all to the reasons I can’t do this or don’t want to do this,” Janelle says of Kody after he pressed her to buy ex-wife Christine’s home as an funding property. “It’s almost like he feels like if he keeps telling me, he’s going to steamroll me, and I’ll lay down and be like, ‘OK, we’ll do it.’”

Janelle admitted that she had used the income from promoting her residence in Las Vegas to assist get Robyn her Flagstaff, AZ residence. Her sister spouse, Meri Brown, admitted to doing the similar. The clan additionally added cash from the household’s pooled account.

Kody’s second spouse additionally clarified that her husband’s declare that he and Robyn paid the down fee for Christine’s residence was unfaithful. Janelle said that it was cash from their pooled account that helped Christine. 

Fans flew off the deal with, known as Robyn Brown ‘unappreciative’ and ‘ungrateful’

Some 'Sister Wives' fans believe Robyn Brown calling her fellow wives 'lazy' is 'ironic.'
Robyn Brown | TLC/YouTube

Fans flew off the deal with in a Reddit publish after studying the information. They known as Robyn “unappreciative” and “ungrateful” for all that has been completed for her since she joined the Brown clan.

“Why is Robyn so unappreciative and ungrateful to the OG sister wives who provide her with an amazing lifestyle? For someone who showed up with nothing to offer except a ‘cap in hand,’ she sure seems incredibly entitled to everything the other wives have provided her with,” one fan wrote. “Has Robyn ever said thank you for everything you guys gave me? She acts as if they owe her a free McMansion, a free nanny, and free cars for her and her kids. It’s so bizarre to me.”

A second fan famous, “Coming in with all the baggage too; three kids, debt, and a messy divorce. Snatched that title of a legal wife right off Meri. She secures her spot by popping out two more kids. Now, look at her, the queen of Coyote Pass with a fool who poses as king.”

“Robyn will never be happy. She’s a perpetual victim who ties her happiness to stuff — whether it’s her clothes, house, or stupid figurines — and is incapable of being satisfied unless she gets the outcome she wants,” penned a 3rd Reddit consumer.

“Yeah, Robyn’s statement about how they all helped with finances, raising kids, etc., was interesting. Exactly what has she helped with financially? And she didn’t help raise anyone’s kids. She apparently can’t even raise her own! And the family’s paying for her kids’ school and her huge house? Janelle had better get out of there as soon as she gets her assets back,” claimed a pissed off fourth viewer.

Janelle spotlighted what she known as extreme spending

Reality-teller Janelle continued to highlight what she known as extreme spending in the Brown household. She additionally admitted she lived frugally.

“I’m the one who gives the taxes to the accountant. I see how the money was dispersed from the family account.” She stated, “there was enough money outside of the debts and our daily expenses spent on other things “that could have been used to pay off the family property.”

Janelle’s frustration with Kody is clear in an upcoming episode titled “Coronapocolypse.” She and Kody battle, and he states, “maybe this is not a good fit. Maybe this doesn’t work.” He provides, “It feels like we’re unraveling.”

Kody then in contrast his relationship with Janelle to his marriage with Robyn. He stated, “I have somebody in life who’s fundamentally loyal to me,” prompting Janelle to reply, “I’m not going to become Robyn.”

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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