Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Covid Was No Joke

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t plan to publish about having coronavirus (Covid-19) however after having a tough time with the virus she felt compelled to share her expertise.

“It’s funny, I debated about posting, because first of all, I disappeared,” she advised Showbiz Cheat Sheet in regards to the publish she shared on Instagram. “So people are going to think something’s up with me.”

Gellar wrote on Instagram about getting Covid: “Thankfully I’m vaccinated and boosted. But to people out there that say, ‘it’s just a cold’ … maybe for some it is. But for this (relatively) young fit person, who has struggled with asthma and lung issues her entire life, that is not my experience.”

She added, “Even with therapeutics and all my protocols, it’s been very tough. I know I’m on the road to recovery but it’s certainly not been an easy road.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar mentioned Covid was robust bodily but in addition emotionally

Gellar mentioned there’s additionally an emotional facet to having Covid. “But I think more than that, it’s for people to understand,” she mentioned. “I mean, I have been so careful for two and a half years as someone who is in good shape and is relatively young but has underlying conditions. And it’s been really tough.”

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“It’s been tough physically, obviously, but it’s also tough emotionally,” she defined. “And I have a new understanding. I was lucky enough in 2020 to isolate with my family and not really be alone. And now I sort of understand that emotional side of what you go through when you really are isolating by yourself and what that does.”

She shared how she is spending her time in isolation

Gellar added, “It brings up a lot of emotion. And, you know, when you take it really seriously and then all of a sudden, it happens … It’s life. This is going to happen to people. But also to understand, to those people that say, oh, it’s just a cold. Like, I’m here to tell you that maybe if you’re lucky, it is. But for a lot of us, it’s not that experience.”

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Earlier than being hit with Covid, Gellar partnered with Wells Fargo Lively Money Visa® Card to encourage individuals to activate their passions and get credit score for making an attempt new issues. So she laughed about being remoted at house together with her laptop computer and the bank card. “It was really interesting today to be talking about Active Cash and joy,” she mentioned. “Because it has a whole new meaning to me and the things that I want to do when I’m out of my bedroom. Eventually at some point in time.”

She felt fairly awful for a very long time, however as soon as Gellar began to really feel higher she determined to take advantage of her isolation and did some on-line buying. “Like this morning, I was like, you know what? I’m going to online shop today because when I’m out of here, I’m going to look fabulous. I’m going to get myself some new clothing because that’s what brings me joy while I’m here right now. And it’s going to keep me occupied when they deliver a box of clothing that I can try on in my isolation.”

Why does Sarah Michelle Gellar love Wells Fargo Lively Money Card?

Gellar mentioned Lively Money is her go-to card for a lot of different purchases. “I joke that I won the sweepstakes because I got to sort of have that money management conversation,” she mentioned about her partnership with Lively Money.

“We all have to reevaluate. There’s things we need, but there’s also things that we want,” she remarked. “And it’s OK because the things that we want that bring us joy, that make us happy, well, guess what? That makes us more productive. It’s all a big cycle and it goes together. And what we have to do now as we’re sort of reentering life is ask what are those things that bring us joy and how do we encourage us to not just do them once, but to do them again?”

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“And so I liked what Wells Fargo and Active Cash was trying to do in that sense of let’s bring ourselves some joy, whether it’s a hobby or something you haven’t done,” Gellar added. “For me, it was go to the hair salon the first time after we were allowed to go out again and getting my hair done. It just felt so good.”

“So how do we encourage ourselves to do those things that bring us joy?” Gellar requested. “Because then that radiates off us and it has that effect on the people around us. My husband always says we can’t always affect the situations around us, but we can affect how we react to them.”

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