Ringo Starr’s Family Delivered ‘Quite a Blow’ to His Ego

Ringo Starr was already a well-known drummer in Liverpool earlier than The Beatles added him to the roster. However the fame he achieved within the Fab 4 was a totally different beast. The notoriety led Ringo’s household to deal with him in a different way, which he stated was “quite a blow” to his ego. He ignored his household’s recommendation to pursue music as a full-time job. When Ringo achieved worldwide superstardom due to it, he felt like an outsider amongst his kin.

(l-r) Ringo Starr, Elsie Starkey, and Harry Graves | Max Scheler – Ok & Ok/Redferns

Ringo Starr’s household gave ‘quite a blow’ to his ego after they handled him in a different way due to his fame

In the course of 1962, Ringo was an ace timekeeper and a key member of Rory Storm & the Hurricanes, a well-known Liverpool band. By August of that yr, he upgraded when The Beatles added him to the roster. By March 1963, he was the drummer within the hottest group in England. 

The Beatles grew to become world well-known by the top of 1964. They by no means wished for something. Followers monitored each transfer they made. Sycophants, groupies, and people-pleasers surrounded the Fab 4 hoping to seize a sliver of the highlight. Individuals handled The Beatles like royalty — superior beings surrounded by mortals. 

Ringo Starr’s household did the identical factor. It was a blow to his ego, and he stated it put him in an not possible state of affairs (per 150 Glimpses of The Beatles by Craig Brown):

“Suddenly, I was ‘one of those [people],’ even within my family, and it was very difficult to get used to. I’d grown up and lived with these people, and now I found myself in weirdland. Once we’d become big and famous, we soon learnt that people were with us only because of the vague notoriety of being a ‘Beatle.’ And when this happened in the family, it was quite a blow … I couldn’t stand up and say, ‘Treat me like you used to,’ because that would be acting big-time.”

Ringo Starr

Brown’s guide mentioned a time the celebrity drummer spilled a little bit of tea into his saucer, and his household rushed to clear up the mess for him. The identical individuals who by no means handled him in a different way after he spent a substantial a part of his childhood within the hospital. Those who kind of supported his drumming dream — his grandpa loaned him the £46 he wanted to put down a deposit on a drum package in 1958 (per Ringo: With a Little Assist creator Michael Seth Starr) — handled him in a different way as soon as he climbed to the head of his career.

Practically every single day from 1963 till the top of the last decade and past, Ringo had the world at his fingertips. He lived a rarefied way of life. Others wished to expertise it by pampering or sucking up to him. Ringo’s kin did the identical factor, which was fairly a blow to his ego. 

How his kin reacted to spilled tea stood in stark distinction to how Elsie Starkey dealt with her son’s fame. Even when he grew to become a world-famous drummer and a father, she nonetheless noticed Ringo as her little Ritchie Starkey.

Ringo described how The Beatles dealt with their fame — by protecting one another grounded

Ringo’s household and lots of others handled The Beatles in a different way after they grew to become well-known. The identical factor occurred to Elvis Presley when he grew to become the face of the rock ‘n’ roll motion The distinction between the 2, as Ringo noticed it, was the Fab 4 stored one another grounded when nobody else would.

Elvis surrounded himself with sure males when he was on the peak of his fame. Ringo stated The Beatles dealt with their fame in a different way, per Ringo: With a Little Assist:

“We’d get in the car. I’d look over at John and say, ‘Christ. Look at you. You’re a bloody phenomenon!’ And just laugh because it was only him. Elvis went downhill because he seemed to have no friends, just a load of sycophants. Whereas with us, individually, we all went mad, but the other three always brought us back. That’s what saved us. I remember being totally bananas thinking, I am the one, and the other three would look at me and say, ‘Scuse me, what are you doing?’ I remember each of us getting into that state.”

Ringo Starr’s household grew to become swayed by his fame and handled him like royalty. They knew him when he was Richard Starkey however handled him in a different way when he was the world-famous drummer for The Beatles. On the very least, he might all the time depend on his bandmates to hold him grounded and deal with him like anybody else.

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