Ree Drummond’s Tot Waffle Breakfast Stacks Are a Perfect Morning Meal

Ree Drummond has a distinctive breakfast concept that makes use of a store-bought merchandise from the freezer. The Pioneer Lady star combines tater tots with cheese and seasoning, presses the combination in a waffle iron, then builds a bacon and egg “stack” with scrumptious toppings.

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Ree Drummond makes a simple breakfast dish that begins with tots

Drummond demonstrated find out how to make her tot waffle breakfast stacks on an episode of The Pioneer Lady. “I’m turning everyday frozen ingredients into delicious dishes,” she defined. “I’m transforming humble tots into a delicious waffle breakfast stack.”

Drummond continued, “I love my freezer. It contains so many convenient ingredients that I use to make so many scrumptious dishes.”

The Meals Community host joked, “When I look into the freezer, if I don’t see a big bag of frozen tots, I get really nervous. Tots are really big in my life and my family and my heart.”

To begin, Drummond mixed frozen tots, pepper jack cheese, and Tex-Mex seasoning in a bowl, tossing to mix the elements. She preheated a waffle iron and sprayed it with nonstick spray. She added the tot combination to the waffle iron and closed the lid, urgent down barely. Drummond famous, “You won’t believe how good these are.”

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‘The Pioneer Woman’ star tops the tot waffles with eggs

Whereas the tot waffles cooked, Drummond melted butter in a skillet and cooked two eggs, sunny facet up. “I love sunny side up eggs for one reason — they’re just pretty,” she defined. “I would flip them and make them kind of over-easy eggs but I don’t want to because I’m more concerned with how the eggs look than how they’re cooked.”

Drummond seasoned the eggs with salt and pepper and defined her cooking method. “Whenever you make sunny side up eggs, the only thing required is patience,” she famous. “I think that’s why a lot of people think they don’t like sunny side up eggs — because they think a sunny side up egg is where the white is really runny. But a true sunny side up egg has a set white and a really soft yolk.”

She eliminated the tot waffle and positioned it on a plate, then constructed a “stack.” Drummond added bacon slices, an egg, avocado, salsa, bitter cream, and cilantro. As she confirmed off her breakfast creation, she famous, “Wow, this is a family crowd-pleaser right here.”

The total recipe is offered on the Food Network web site.

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Ree Drummond loves having frozen potatoes available

Whereas making the recipe, Drummond additionally shared how good frozen potatoes are for meal planning. “If you’re talking about freezer ingredients that lend themselves really well to delicious everyday meals, potatoes — frozen potato products, whether it’s tots, hashbrowns, fries” are the place it’s at.

She even provided her daughter Alex some “marital advice” relating to the freezer fave.

“Make sure you have frozen tots in your freezer at all times and make sure you have a waffle maker in your kitchen at all times,” Drummond stated.

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