Ree Drummond’s Shrimp and Pineapple Flatbread Pizza Is Ready In Just 16 Minutes

Ree Drummond has a straightforward flatbread pizza recipe that’s prepared in simply 16 minutes and may be scaled to serve one particular person or a crowd. The Pioneer Girl star’s distinctive pizza is topped with spicy shrimp, pineapple, and feta cheese.

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Ree Drummond makes a straightforward flatbread that’s prepared in minutes

Drummond demonstrated the best way to make her shrimp and pineapple flatbread recipe throughout an episode of The Pioneer Girl devoted to 16-minute summertime recipes.

“I’m home alone and I’m getting ready to head out for a few hours but I have not eaten and I’m hungry,” she defined. “So I’m going to make myself something super fast and really flavorful — kickin’ shrimp and pineapple flatbread.”

Drummond added, “So easy to throw together, you won’t even believe it.”

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How you can make Ree Drummond’s kickin’ shrimp and pineapple flatbread recipe

Drummond used a store-bought naan flatbread for her pizza crust. She brushed a bit of naan with olive oil and baked it for a few minutes in a 425 diploma Fahrenheit oven.

In a bowl, she mixed shrimp, chili powder, chipotle pepper adobo sauce, minced garlic, and lime juice. “Now this is salty and spicy and I’m getting ready to make it a little bit sweet by squeezing in some honey,” she defined. “The great thing is, when you’re just making a quick flatbread for yourself, you don’t have to use big quantities of anything.”

She added salt and pepper and stirred the combination collectively earlier than inserting it in a scorching skillet. “That is one delicious shrimp mixture,” she remarked. “Lots of flavor.” Drummond cooked the shrimp for 3 minutes.

To assemble the pizza, she sprinkled grated Monterey jack cheese on the flatbread, added contemporary pineapple chunks and shrimp, then baked the pizza it till the cheese melted, about 3 minutes.

“This would make just a great appetizer, the shrimp by themselves,” she shared. “Just put them on a plate with some toothpicks. Put them out at your next party.”

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‘The Pioneer Woman’ star made a straightforward topping

Drummond stated she wasn’t “content to leave well enough alone” together with her pizza and made a straightforward avocado cream to drizzle over the flatbread.

She put bitter cream, avocado, lime juice, and cumin in a blender and processed the combination till it was easy. “The idea of a nice, warm, cheesy, melty flatbread with cool avocado cream over the top, basically that kind of stuff winds up in my dreams for years,” she stated.

Drummond eliminated the flatbread from the oven, noting, “This is everything I thought it would be and more. The cheese is melted. Oh my gosh, the flatbread just looks so amazing. It just looks divine.”

Earlier than serving, the Meals Community host sprinkled feta cheese on it and drizzled the avocado cream excessive. “It looks so great. It’s the perfect complement to that shrimp,” Drummond famous. For a of entirety, she sprinkled cilantro leaves on prime.

“You could make a whole pan full of these for friends, serve them with a glass of white wine,” she advised. “16 minutes to make. This is probably gonna take me seconds to eat.”

The total recipe is obtainable on the Food Network web site.

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