Ree Drummond’s Cheesy Orzo Dish Is Perfect for Summer Entertaining

Ree Drummond has the proper spin on creamy risotto that’s made with orzo. The Pioneer Lady star’s orzotto dish is tacky, filled with scrumptious taste, and feeds a crowd — all with far much less effort than it takes to make conventional risotto.

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Ree Drummond’s orzo dish is just like risotto however lots simpler to make

Drummond made her creamy tacky orzotto recipe throughout an episode of The Pioneer Lady devoted to recipes for summer time entertaining.

“Orzotto is an amazing dish,” she shared. “It’s very much like risotto, which is made with arborio rice, but orzotto is made with pasta but it follows the same basic procedure. You cook it for a little while with some aromatics, start adding broth gradually, and the pasta will slowly absorb the liquid and the whole finished product is just creamy and dreamy.”

She added, “It takes less time than risotto takes so it’s kind of a quick solution if you’re a big risotto fan.”

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The right way to make Ree Drummond’s creamy tacky orzotto

Drummond began by cooking sliced shallots and rosemary in a skillet with olive oil, then added orzo pasta and garlic. She stirred the components to ensure the orzo was effectively coated. After the orzo pasta was cooked, she added white wine and vegetable broth and decreased the warmth. She stirred and cooked the combination for 5 minutes.

“There’s just something so magical because the starch kind of stays in there and contributes to this really creamy texture,” the Meals Community host shared.

Drummond decreased the warmth and added salt, pepper, crushed pink pepper flakes, cream, grated mozzarella, mascarpone cheese, and goat cheese. “Basically any cheese combination works,” she stated. “Honestly, orzotto is one of those dishes that you can just pull out whatever you have in your fridge that you want to get rid of. Any combination of cream, half and half, milk, cream cheese, mascarpone cheese …”

She added, “This is an amazing, as you can see, incredibly creamy dish. You basically want to have as much cheese as you do pasta. It’s a great sort of bed to serve other foods on.”

The Pioneer Lady star added chopped sun-dried tomatoes and kale and stirred to mix every part, permitting the orzotto to prepare dinner for one other jiffy. “You can tell yourself it’s healthy because it has all of that,” she stated. “It’s a salad with a little bit of pasta.”

The complete recipe is offered on the Food Network web site.

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‘The Pioneer Woman’ star makes a broccoli cheese orzotto recipe

Drummond additionally makes a simple broccoli cheese orzotto, which she calls “a cross between broccoli cheese soup and broccoli cheese risotto.”

She begins the recipe the identical means as her tacky orzotto however provides broccoli, processed cheese, and cheddar cheese. “I know it doesn’t look like much now, but I am telling you, this is gonna be the most insanely delicious dinner,” she assured whereas making it.

You will discover the complete recipe on the Food Network web site.

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