Prince Harry’s Closing Ceremony Speech at the Invictus Games Highlighted His and Meghan Markle’s ‘Contrasting Approach’ — Expert

The Invictus Games are over and the evaluation on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s physique language continues. Along with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s PDA in Düsseldorf, Germany, an professional has damaged down their closing look at the week-long competitors, the Invictus Games closing ceremony, together with Harry’s speech.  

Harry had ‘moments of modesty’ at the closing ceremony whereas Meghan took a ‘celebrity’ strategy

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Jordan Pettitt/PA Photographs by way of Getty Photographs

“It’s easy to see that Harry and Meghan’s attachment rituals look more crucial and even functional to Meghan here than to Harry and that their body language approach to these games has often thrown up two very different states,” Judi James, a physique language professional, instructed Express.

“Meghan’s approach,” she defined, “has been energetic, immersive and celebrity: smiling broadly, waving, hugging, posing for selfies and stopping back to extend her poses with the fans.” 

Whereas Harry’s personal “approach” has been one full of many “moments of modesty, reflection, more serious facial expressions,” and “what looks like a desire to ramp back on some of the more celebrity moments.”

Citing Harry’s closing ceremony speech for example of his and Meghan’s “new and contrasting approach,” James in contrast it to the duchess’s personal remarks on Sept. 12, 2023. 

“While Meghan’s speech on her arrival contained many ‘I’ statements about herself and the children, etc., Harry’s speech at the closing ceremony was very ‘you,’” James stated. “He threw the spotlight back onto the audience and one audience member in particular, whose very moving story he told in detail.” 

Harry not solely talked about the video games’ influence, however Grasp Corporal James Gendron giving him an impromptu bagpipes efficiency earlier in the week.

Harry and Meghan’s totally different physique language indicated a ‘contrasting approach’ to the Invictus Games 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrive at the Invictus Games closing ceremony
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/Getty Photographs for the Invictus Games Basis

“Harry and Meghan’s body language here illustrates this new and rather contrasting approach,” James continued. Though they arrived at the ceremony holding fingers, the expressions on their faces had been “dissimilar.” 

Meghan, the professional stated, appeared “around at the audience with a wide smile of acknowledgment.” In the meantime, Harry had a “fixed” gaze, wanting “ahead” with a “serious” expression on his face. 

“When they sit together, Meghan uses touch, with her hand on Harry’s arm, to gain and retain his attention as she speaks,” James added earlier than noting additionally they had “dissimilar” facial expressions at this level.

“Harry’s smile is reserved for an athlete in the crowd, and he grins as he enjoys a very firm hand clasp greeting with him,” she stated. “Meghan still has hold of Harry’s free hand though and uses it to ‘anchor’ him here and perhaps remind him that she would also like to join the greeting.”

Harry’s ‘inner emotions’ had been on show at the closing ceremony as Meghan remained in the viewers

Whereas Meghan launched Harry at the Invictus Games in 2022, this time round the former Fits star didn’t welcome her husband to the stage. As a substitute, she remained in the viewers throughout the closing ceremony whereas, per James, Harry’s “inner emotions” got here out. 

Showing to have ready a “hard-hitting speech,” Harry’s physique language “told a different story as his emotions leaked out and, at times, took over,” James stated (by way of Mirror). Citing one occasion the place the 39-year-old paused, the professional famous how Harry appeared “tearful” as he “wiped his mouth with his hand.” 

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