Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Post-Royal Security Arrangements Weren’t Finalized Prior to Mexit – Why? Barrister Wonders

After Prince Harry misplaced a authorized bid to pay for his personal police safety, barrister Robert Webster questioned why safety preparations have been being sought now as a substitute of prior to Harry and Meghan Markle’s UK departure, aka “Mexit.”

“That Harry is compelled to resolve his justifiable concerns about his security in court is shameful,” Webster shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Why were arrangements for this crucial aspect of his post-Royal life not finalized prior to Mexit? Perhaps Mexit has a number of parallels with Brexit – an act of serious self-harm leading to isolation and ridicule and a failure to address what the aftermath would really look like!”

Prince Harry and Meghan’s safety issues are very actual

Webster questioned the timing of the safety request as a result of Harry and Meghan have wanted safety for fairly a while.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | James Devaney/GC Pictures

“Harry’s security concerns are, of course, real,” he stated. “It has been claimed by the retiring Assistant Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police that Harry and Meghan had been subject to what he described as multiple ‘disgusting threats’ to their safety that would have left them feeling constantly menaced.”

“There is no doubt, too, that the Prince remains haunted by his mother’s death,” he added. “And, moreover, the manner of it. He is consumed by the fear that history could repeat itself, a fear, seemingly resurrected by the recent encounter with the paparazzi in New York, although accounts of this escapade differ significantly.”

Harry and Meghan have been not too long ago subjected to a horrifying automotive chase in New York Metropolis.

‘There is no doubt that Harry and Meghan have issues which need to be confronted’

Webster recalled that Prince Harry and Meghan have been as soon as thought of to be “a dynamic couple who could best be described as ‘ambassadors for good.’  He then wondered, “Alas, it must now be sadly asked whether they have earned the sobriquet ‘merchants of conflict?’  There is no doubt that Harry and Meghan have issues which need to be confronted. Not least the way in which Meghan, in particular, has been vilified in the media.  Her treatment by the Palace also warrants some consideration.”  

“Did courtiers at ‘Buck House’ know how to deal with a relatively accomplished highly opinionated actress of mixed race who had already made her way in the world, earned a few shillings, and behaved in a rather assertive manner?” he requested. 

“From afar, it looks as if those who were meant to serve her at the Palace simply saw her as bossy and uncompromising,” Webster stated. “Was this demonstration of insensitivity to the ‘new girl’ the start of creating the chasm that sunders the Harry-Meghan faction from the rest of the Firm – as the Queen affectionately referred to the Royal Family?”

Buckingham Palace and Prince Harry ought to put apart private points

Webster goes again to the truth that Harry and Meghan’s issues ought to really be addressed, not only for them, but in addition for the monarchy.

“Harry and Meghan’s issues require resolution but reconciliation for the sake of the preservation and improvement of the ‘family business’ is of greater importance,” he stated. “Like all members of the royal family, Harry understands the importance of ‘duty’ – as does his brother.” 

“They owe it to the nation, to the institution of the monarchy and, indeed, to their father, to make the difficult sacrifice of putting aside personal differences and rally round for the sake of a greater cause,” Webster asserted. ” Serving humankind   – whether or not or not it’s within the UK or the Commonwealth is, maybe, a nobler trigger than serving Netflix. One by no means desires to let one’s grandma down.  Harry’s grandma would approve of a return to the household fold; she would additionally approve of service … actual service.” 

Robert Webster is an English Barrister and a Lecturer in Legislation on the College of Southern California’s Gould College of Legislation. He was Known as to the Bar by The Honourable Society of the Internal Temple, who bestowed on him a Queen’s Silver Jubilee Scholarship and a Duke of Edinburgh award on the conclusion of his authorized research.

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