Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are a ‘Small Piece of the Puzzle’ in Much Bigger Royal Family Problem — Commentator

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t the solely issues plaguing the British royal household. In keeping with a royal commentator, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are merely half of the Agency’s points, together with a new biography. Forward, a have a look at what “could be a moment of reckoning for the royal family.” 

The royal household has extra points to ‘defend’ past Harry and Meghan

Though their relationship with the relaxation of the royal household has been at the forefront in latest years, in accordance with commentator Kristen Meizner, Harry and Meghan are one merchandise on a “long list” of “valid concerns” the royal household has to deal with. 

“I think they are one small piece of the puzzle. If you look at the book and the long list of valid concerns, they are very valid and very real concerns,” she advised Express, referring to Omid Scobie’s Endgame biography.

“This could be a moment of reckoning for the royal family,” she continued. “And it’s not just something that is about Meghan and Harry or that Meghan and Harry should have to stand up against or defend.”

Scobie’s latest royal biography revealed the names of two senior royals allegedly concerned in discussions about the coloration of Harry and Meghan’s son Prince Archie’s pores and skin. (The royal household’s reportedly contemplating authorized motion.)

Copies of the model with the names have since been pulped. Nonetheless, the names circulated on social media in addition to TV and information media. 

The royal household’s ‘future’ doesn’t essentially look ‘bright’ or ‘glowing’ in ‘Endgame’

So, the place does the royal household go from right here? It’s been a 12 months since Queen Elizabeth died and King Charles III took the throne. So far as the future is worried, Endgame, per Meinzer, doesn’t paint a optimistic image of what’s to return. 

“I read it,” the podcast host stated of Scobie’s November 2023 e book. “And I would say, it’s quite obvious, from the title of the book and what Omid has said, that we are at a point right now where the monarchy may not have the future, the bright glowing future, that everyone may have dreamed of in the palaces.” 

“Because, as he posits, in some ways, Queen Elizabeth II was more popular than the royal family themselves and the institution.” 

She additionally famous how “even Meghan and Harry,” who’re thought-about by some to have Scobie as a consultant, “don’t get off unscathed in this book.” 

Along with “criticism” of the couple, who now reside in Montecito, California, with their two youngsters, Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 2, different royals face scrutiny. 

“There are criticisms, obviously, of Prince Andrew, there are criticisms of [King] Charles, there are criticisms of the institution’s long history of colonizing,” Meizner went on. 

Palace aides can’t ‘have their cake and eat it, too’ with Harry and Meghan ‘Endgame’ consideration

Elsewhere, the commentator addressed the media consideration Harry and Meghan have obtained referring to Endgame

“Harry and Meghan are still the most interesting thing to a lot of readers out there,” she stated. “The number of headlines that are Meghan/Harry/Scobie, Meghan/Harry/Scobie, it’s because they bring in clicks, they bring in ad dollars.” 

“I would say [to] these palace insiders, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. You can’t be mad that Omid is getting all of this attention, and Harry and Meghan are getting all of this attention.” 

The rationale? As a result of “at the same time … you’re leaking dirt or stirring up criticisms about Meghan and Harry because you’re feeding into the attention that they’re getting, at the same time, that they’re getting attention.”

As for whether or not or not Harry and Meghan ought to reply to the drama surrounding Endgame, Meizner shared that, in her opinion, it’s higher to do what they’ve been doing: staying quiet. 

“For all those people saying, ‘Harry and Meghan? Why won’t they just go away?’” Meizner continued, “Harry and Meghan have gone away. They’ve left the country, they’re in California, they aren’t saying anything right now.” 

The commentator added that these pushing the pair to talk publicly are “asking a lot of two people who are trying to have their private lives in California.”

Endgame debuted on Nov. 28, 2023. 

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